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Ford Raptor Adventures – Broken Arrow OHV Trail

broken arrow ohv trail

Broken Arrow OHV Trail is a popular off-highway vehicle (OHV) trail located in Sedona, Arizona. The trail is known for its challenging terrain and stunning red rock scenery. It is open to all types of OHVs, including ATVs, dirt bikes, and Jeeps. The trail is around 6 miles long and is considered an intermediate to difficult level. It is important to note that a permit is required to use the trail, and it is also recommended to practice responsible OHV use and to stay on designated trails to preserve the natural environment.

broken arrow ohv trail

Ford Raptor on Broken Arrow OHV Trail

We tackled the trail in our 2022 Ford Raptor early one Sunday morning in January 2023.  It is best to get an early start because Pink Jeep Tours runs this trail with multiple vehicles and it is also a popular trail.  We did shift to 4×4 Low Range (Rock Crawling) for most of the trail, but it really wasn’t that difficult.  The only issue is the trail is narrow in a few spots and with the Raptor’s length, it was a bit tight getting through without hitting some vegetation.

This trail is short, very scenic and definitely worth checking out if you are in the Sedona, Arizona area.


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Our 2022 Ford Raptor is equipped from the factory with FOX Live Valve shocks and 35-inch BFG tires. We have added a VHF digital mobile radio from Rugged Radios so we can easily communicate between vehicles on group rides.

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