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Project Lux RZR XP 1000

Polaris RZR XP4 1000
Project Lux RZR XP4 1000

ProBilt RZR

Text by Cody Hooper, Photos by Jon Crowley and Cody Hooper

Taking a top-level sport machine and expanding its comfort zonesBMW’s pragmatic M3 is often regarded as one of the world’s greatest cars, but why? Its base model counterpart, the BMW 3 Series, isn’t exactly a head turner. An unembellished but comfortable and refined commuter, the 3 series doesn’t pluck at the heartstrings like a supercharged Corvette Z06 or a twin-turbo Nissan GTR. But the M3 is more than its genesis- it’s a sum of its parts, a tailored-and-tuned vehicle engineered specifically to go fast when you want it to, but be completely civil and practical the other 90% of the time you are behind the wheel.

Enter our 2015 RZR XP 1000 4, stage right. Beginning with a bone-stock 4, we decided to build a machine not for racing, duning, or desert-bashing, but for comfort. We wanted a visceral experience partnered with a maturity and refinement not often found in other machine builds, and we knew just the team to assemble.

For the entirety of the build, the RZR’s time was split between In2Dirt Media’s shop and Pro Armor’s ProBilt division, both of which are housed in Southern California. With 7 miles on the odometer, the RZR was disassembled to a near unrecognizable state, and over 250 feet of wiring was laid out in a separate loom to power all of its electronics. The first to be installed- a massive 1000 watt SSV Works 4-speaker stereo system with 10” sub.

SSV Works Speaker Pod
SSV Works 6.5″ Speaker Pod

SSV’s stereo systems come in two types- bolt on, and do it yourself. We chose the latter of the two, running four separate 6.5” speakers to each end of the vehicle using their stellar fiberglass enclosures. The two front speakers are mounted up under the dash out of harm’s way, and the rears use wakeboard-boat style cage mounted pods. Under the dash, a Kicker 1000w 4-channel amp with separate subwoofer control was installed. While we weren’t cruising the dunes or bombing through desert whoops, the SSV system provided the perfect camp stereo, where the stock RZR battery would run the system at a booming volume for 3-4 hours without issue.

Rugged Radios
Rugged Radios 50 watt Vertex radio and four-place intercom system

The next step was to install a Rugged Radios 50 watt Vertex radio and four-place intercom system. This allows all four passengers to communicate easily via in-helmet microphones and headphones, while giving the driver and front passenger the ability to broadcast car-to-car with the push of a button. The Rugged system provides clear communication and the ability to have a normal conversation with passengers at full throttle, regardless of the terrain.

Vision X LED LightsVision X LED Lights
Twin 6.7” 50 watt LED light cannons and XPR 34.7” light bar

Vision X took care of the lighting, illuminating the terrain like we had a sun bolted to our RZR. Up top, we utilized an XPR 34.7” light bar, which produces 19,422 raw lumens of light. On the bumper, we managed to bolt up twin 6.7” 50 watt LED light cannons, which produce a claimed 2500 ft of usable light. To round out the package, we bolted up four Solstice Solo light pods for corner lights, as well as a Tantrum LED underbody light kit glowing a wicked red to match the rest of the build. To light up the sky, we added a set of insanely bright Tribal Whips “Whipzilla” whip antennas, featuring a red and white pattern that also doubles as a reverse light at night time.

Pro Armor Seats, Harnesses and Door Bags
Pro Armor Seats, Harnesses and Door Bags

To make the interior as luxurious as possible, we started with a set of four Pro Armor Stealth door skins, which bolt to the stock door frames. The aluminum skins look fantastic, with a jagged, sharp sheet metal look that mimics the rest of the lines on the RZR. Inside, we mounted up custom door bags to match the seats, which feature knee padding and zippered storage pockets to hold goggles, towels, keys, cell phones, and more.

The seats we used for this build were Pro Armor’s amazingly comfortable Interceptor G2 series, upholstered in tan ostrich skin and suede centers. Where vinyl seats sometimes feel hot and sticky, the suede-lined G2s in our Project Lux build feel soft and supple. Many compliments from passengers assured us we made the right material choice, and the look completes the luxury motif we were going for. To top it off, we added seat heaters to the mix for those cold nights!

Pro Armor Cage

Pro Armor also handled the cage and roof duty, assembling an absolutely gorgeous Asylum series cage with intrusion bar. The full cage is constructed of 1.75” DOM steel tubing for recreational use, and features an aluminum roof and wraparound rear bumper that add style and protection. The front of the cage retains its upright position at the A pillars for exceptional forward vision- no ducking down to see the next dune!

Assault Industries Fire ExtinguisherAssault Industries Mirror
Assault UTV Fire Extinguisher and Bomber Mirrors

To further fortify the build, Assault UTV provided a set of their bulletproof rear radius rods, Bomber series side view mirrors, and a center mounted rear view mirror. An Assault billet fire extinguisher mount keeps us safe in case things get hot, and a quick release steering wheel hub makes getting in and out of the car a breeze.

Gibson Performance RZR XP 1000 Dual Exhaust
Gibson Performance Exhaust

We were incredibly pleased with the performance of the 2015 RZR 4’s 1000 HO engine, providing 110 horsepower of wheel-spinning power. To add a little attitude, we bolted on a Gibson slip-on exhaust system, which looks menacing with its twin rear-facing exhaust tips. To tame the wild sound the Gibson system, we bolted up a set of their new quiet core turbine exhaust tips, which cut the sound down to about 96 dB.

STU Sand Blaster Paddle Tire
STU Sand Blaster paddles mounted on STI HD6 Machined Wheels

For wheels and tires, we turned to STI and Fullerton Sand Sports. For our dirt kit, STI provided a set of red HD5 wheels with 29” Roctane XS tires, which match the stock size to keep gearing in check. The tires are much more puncture resistant than the stock Bighorns, and with the square tire set, we are able to rotate the tires front to rear without worrying about width differences. For our sand kit, we used an STI HD6 machined wheel with a set of STU paddles, which allow us to float through the dunes without any worry of getting stuck.

Wolf Designs Wrap
Wolf Designs Wrap

All of this luxury would be lost without a look to complete it, which is where Wolf Designs came in. They worked tirelessly with us to create a wrap that would convey the perfect picture of luxury and style. The candy maroon and champagne beige metallic wrap looks downright classy, and we couldn’t have been happier with the fit and finish of the wrap that Wolf Designs provided. The car turns heads wherever it goes, and we catch ourselves staring at it every time we walk by it in the shop.

Polaris RZR XP4 1000
Glamis UTV Industry Ride

Our first outing with the completed build was the UTV Industry Ride earlier this year. When we rolled the ProBilt car out of the trailer, it gathered lusting looks from many onlookers. We let a couple other trusted industry veterans drive it, and they attested that the build, suspension tune, and look all worked in harmony to create a perfect package- a comfortable, classy, fun-to-drive UTV that makes every part of driving more enjoyable. It may not be a racer, but that’s not the point- it’s a show piece that is meant to be driven, highlighting the strengths of the vehicle’s recreational abilities and adding modern-day creature comforts that make every minute in the seat one to remember.

Polaris RZR XP4 1000

Polaris RZR XP4 1000


  • CAGE/ASSEMBLY- Pro Armor Asylum/ProBilt
  • DOORS- Pro Armor Stealth Series
  • BUMPER- Pro Armor Racing Front Bumper
  • SEATS- Pro Armor
  • G2BELTS- Pro Armor 3” Sewn-in
  • DOOR BAGS- Pro Armor
  • STEERING WHEEL- Pro Armor Suede
  • STEERING WHEEL HUB- Assault Quick Release
  • RADIO- Rugged Radios Vertex 50 Watt
  • INTERCOM- Rugged Radios RRP 660
  • STEREO- SSV Works 1000W Kicker System w/ Aux Input
  • RADIUS RODS- Assault Turret Series
  • TIRES- STI Roctane XS/STU Sand Blaster
  • MIRRORS- Assault Bomber Series
  • LIGHTING- Vision X XPR bar/6.7” Light Cannons/Solstice Solo Pods/Tantrum LED Underglow
  • WHIPS- Tribal Whips Whipzilla
  • EXHAUST- Gibson
  • WRAP- Wolf Designs


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