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EHS Racing Air Box Cover now available for the Kawaski Teryx

Kawasaki Teryx Airbox Lid
The new EHS Racing Air Box cover will give you the open box performance you desire with the closed box protection that’s needed.

The cover will not only greatly improve how clean your filter stays compared to when you are forced to run with no lid at all, but the the Outerwears filter is made from a water resistant material, so it will keep almost all water out of your air box.

The material is specifically designed by Outerwears for EHS; all edges are tapped to prevent fraying or tearing. Cleaning is super easy, just take the whole cover off and wash it under the sink. All aluminum plates are CNC milled for exact precision with EHS RACING engraved in every one.

If you are currently running your Teryx with a stock air box cover, it will need to be tuned for the additional air flow.

The 2008 lid works fine with 2008 carburated Teryxs as well as 2009 with EFI.

A complete kit with a new air box lid is $95 or you can get just the kit and use your lid for $55.

Kawasaki Teryx Air Box Cover:

EHS Racing can be reached by phone at 866-997-2345 or on the internet at

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