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DragonFire Racing Aligns with Roeseler and Team Green

Kawasaki Teryx - DragonFire Racing

DragonFire Racing, multi-time Baja Champion Larry Roeseler and Team Green Kawasaki will be at Rounds 5 and 6 this weekend in the Lucas Oil Offroad Series. As the Side-by-Side industry grows, it grows attention. Attention is coming from new sponsors, manufacturers, and drivers. Short course racing has brought a lot of attention to the Side By Side market, and the close racing amongst manufacturers and drivers continues to bring new and talented people into the sport. Larry Roeseler not only brings talent and positive attention to our sport but a personality that is approachable and a fan base that stretches many generations. Larry is a recognized motorcycle racer with ten overall wins in the Baja 1000, nine overalls at the Baja 500, ten I.S.D.E. Gold Medals and has been inducted into the American Motorcycle Association’s Hall of Fame. Not stopping in his two-wheel winning ways, Larry took to four wheels in 1995 and has since added three more Baja 1000 overalls and also two more Baja 500s, not to mention numerous championships and class wins along the way. Larry has been a Kawasaki Team Green Rider for 18 years, and continues to be a spokesman for the company. His ability to not only improve a vehicle but to continue its development is what makes this new racing team so exciting. DragonFire Racing has spent the last six months designing this car for Larry, and has made it the most advanced race car on the track. “I am a very lucky man, being involved in so many different projects over the years, and now this with DragonFire Racing-I’m very excited,” said Roeseler. “I can’t wait for everyone to see this car and team at the LOORS races. It’ll turn some heads, and trust me, we’ll win some races.” The Teryx Larry will be driving will set a standard for the Side by Side industry and will only help to grow and improve the products that we see available at the manufacturer and aftermarket accessory levels. The DragonFire Team Green Teryx has specifically designed to allow the suspension to provide over 17 inches of wheel travel but still meet the width requirement set forth in the LOORS rules. To handle the 120 horsepower developed by the DFR Teryx motor, the car will have 14-inch ITP tires on all four corners. Type 1 rear axles and CVs with inboard hubs and disc brakes were developed to accommodate the horsepower and CV angle. Developments in the steering system include new front steer spindles, custom racks, quick steer and a steering damper. All-new A-arms were designed, with 24-inch Fox shocks mounted to the lower arms both front and rear, keeping the roll center of the car as low as possible. Fox designed all-new shocks with 8-inch remote reservoirs for increased cooling capacity, as well as larger-diameter shock bodies and shock shafts to enhance the increased travel. A hanging racing billet brake pedal with a remote reservoir was developed to provide more space in the driving compartment. Race Pack created a digital dash that displays RPM, speed, water and oil temperatures and oil pressure, as well as shock temperature, allowing the driver to manage all the key functions of the vehicle. All these products and more will make it to market and be available for the weekend racer or warrior. It is products like these that will put DragonFire Racing and Kawasaki on the podium and on your car.

To learn more on the car and DragonFire Racing please follow this link.

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