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Dirt Tags Gives Medical Response Team Information They Need

APPLE VALLEY, CA August 11, 2010 ~ Dirt Tags is an innovative new product introduced into the market with the sole purpose of having life saving information readily available. Dirt Tags provide pertinent medical and emergency contact information to medical personnel in case you cannot give the information yourself. Dirt Tags can be purchased individually or in a family pack and generally ship the next day.
Eric “Mustard Dog” Anderson, an offroad rock desert racer, invented Dirt Tags. “We all ride and drive hard, and well, crashes happen. As I am getting ready to go to the Baja 1000, I want someone to know who I am, and what I need if I am wadded up, not just a nobody,” said Anderson who has had an experience where he crashed requiring medical attention with no information on him. “This is something that I will wear every time I go offroading from now on.”
Dirt Tags are a waterproof military style dog tag necklace capable of holding 4 lines of information and come in three colors: Pink, Blue or Black. Utilize the four lines to include your name, allergies, medical conditions and emergency contact information to anyone who reads it. The family pack includes 3 personalized tags, use them all for yourself or customize them for family members.
Great for anyone in the off-road world who ride Dirt Bikes, Quads, Snow Mobiles, Mountain Bikes, or Horses and drive Rock Crawlers, UTV’s, Sand Cars, Desert Cars and even Hikers, Skiers, and SnowBoarders. They are also great for anyone working in any type of perilous industry including Heavy Equipment Operators, Mining, Drilling, Logging and Public Safety, and is great for kids away at camp or on school field trips. It is also beneficial to have multiple tags, one on you and one visible on the vehicle.
MSRP: $9.95 for one / $24.95 for three pack
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