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Dash Frame System for the Kawasaki Teryx Now Available

Introducing the Dash Frame system for the Kawasaki Teryx from Black Rhino Performance. The Dash Frame fits nicely into the middle of your dash, and is designed to closely follow the shape of the Kawasaki Teryx dash.

This frame puts your gauges and switches at the same angle as the upper dash for easy viewing of the gauges and convenient placement of switches.

The panel provides mounting for 3 2″ gauges, and up to six of our weather sealed Contour switches.

It comes in two styles: One that is pre-cut to fit 3 gauges and up to 6 of our Marine Sealed Switches; and one that has a blank cutout that provides a convenient place to mount one of our optional 2 or 3 gauge Dash Plates, or our more flexible Dash Panel Systems.

You can add your choice of Fuel Level, Water Temp, or Volt Gauge Kits. You may also want to pick out switches from our extensive offering of environmentally sealed Contour Switches. These products make it a snap to add much needed instrumentation to your machine, so you don’t need to guess what’s happening anymore!

Black Rhino Performance
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El Cajon, CA 92021
Phone: (619) 561-5000


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