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Custom Creations Takes on the 6th Annual Powderpuff Race for the Cure

Custom Creations had a great race weekend… We brought our 1931 Custom Creations built Kawasaki Teryx to race for the Cure and raise money for Breast cancer research in the 6th annual M.O.R.E Powderpuff race in sunny Barstow, CA. There were a total of 124 entries in this years race, consisting of 2 races morning and afternoon. We were set to leave in the morning race.

Fully equipped with our King Shocks, GBC Grim Reapers outfitted in my pink OMF beadlocks, fresh Redline oil and our Pink themed Starside Paint job with the pink stickers from Rialto Trophy and our new 44 inch LED lightbar from Tribal Whips, we were ready to rock!!! “Let’s go kick cancer’s butt” My whole team was very excited and confident we could bring home a win!! We got off the line at 8:47 am. 17 minutes behind the first car off the line, we started 5th in our class (aka dead last) with a 20 second delay in between cars, we were finally off and running… By mile one we had moved up to 4th position, mile 3 into 3rd and had the leaders in our sight.. just about mile 5 we moved into 2nd and was on the tail of the leader, we grabbed and passed her along with 3 other cars from other classes at mile 7. She quickly passed us again when we grabbed a path with a flipped over truck. We were on her tail and in her dust until around mile 18. We took an easy clear path to pass and kept on… from then on we were just passing other vehicles in all other classes. We continued on pulling our lead time. We stopped for an amazing 30 second pit stop for fuel, some water to drink and got a clean visor… we didn’t have to stop again until my last lap for a quick visual, I felt something and they cleared me to go in about 10 seconds and sent us on our way! Our 112 miles was pretty uneventful besides having some fun passing lots of cars… Tammy and I were giggling the whole time…we were only passed by one car the whole race which was running in class 5… were able to make 4 laps because we came through the start finish line at 11:09 beating the 11:30 cutoff to be sent for 1 more lap…We ended finishing with a commanding 9 minute and 25 second lead in our class… We completed 112 miles in 3 hours and 11 minutes. And ended up with a victorious 3rd Overall in the entire 1st race. We started 57th out of 61 vehicles. Again UTV’s have proven to be able to hold there own in the rocky desert terrain…

We had a great day.. motor didn’t even hiccup, not even a drop of oil out of the breather set up… you rock!! the GBC Grim Reapers were perfect not even a slit in the tires, King Shocks sucked up Barstow’s nasty terrain like it was nothing, and of course the Wicked Bilt power Steering made for an easy handle and a comfy ride in my PRP suspension seats and my Pro Armor Race inspired seatbelts.

Thank you again to my wonderful husband for building such an amazing Teryx for me to race, I never felt that I had to drive her hard at all, I had plenty left and available if needed. Rialto Trophy for all my cute pink graphics, Starside Designs for a sweet paintjob, Web cam and Cp Pistons for a flawless motor combo and redline oil for the best oil ever. Thank you to all my supporters and sponsors, Rosa Maria’s Mexican restaurant, IMS Metals, OMF performance, B and B Powdercoating, Pink Divas, V force John, Pro Armor and Summer Brothers Racing, Dil Inspection Labs, GBC Tires, Redline Oil, Wicked Bilt, King Shocks, Web Cam, Custom Creations, Tribal Whips, PRP, Starside Designs, UTV, Twisted Images Ink and Dirty Clothing, thank you to for hooking us up with some great action photos!

Thank You to all my friends and family who came to pit and support such a great cause and Tammy for getting back in the seat with me….

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