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Cognito Motorsports Dominates Silver State 300

Las Vegas, NV – Cognito Motorsports is known for their top quality suspension kits for trucks and UTV’s. Cognito suspension kits can be found on trucks all over the nation. Cognito went to work designing a UTV suspension was ready for battle. With that in mind, Congito bolted their suspension up and pushed its limits through the desert’s in the southwest. From a customer stand point, whats better than a race proven suspension kit that you can bolt onto your play car? Win on Saturday, Sell on Monday.

Polaris RZR XP 4 1000
Driver Justin Lambert and Co-driver Jeremiah Staggs staged at the start line.

Cognito has been building their new car Polaris RZR 4 XP1000 over the last few months. With years of experience racing in the deserts of California and southern Nevada they knew this car had to be tough and well thought out. The goal was to keep racing their proven XP900 platform until the new car was ready to debut at SS300. With only 50 miles of testing the new ride was loaded up and headed to Vegas for her debut. Trucking along and only an hour out of Vegas the motor on the chase truck let go. The chase truck is critical to a teams success during the race. the fact that the motor failed before the race was a blessing. If this happened while chasing the race it could have ended the teams day early. Without pit support you cant compete at a pro level.

Polaris RZR XP 4 1000
RM80 ripping through the amazing Nevada desert.

Cognito started 15th off the line, this course is notoriously dusty. Behind 14 cars, zero breeze to move the dust it seemed impossible to advance any positions. But around RM55 they would start picking up spots and moving towards the front. The dust had started moving out so they could push the car a little harder. Figuring the guys out front were pulling away since they obviously had less dust to run in than we did. This early in the race being aggressive and taking big risks can only hurt you.

Polaris RZR XP 4 1000
ITP Ultra Cross tires slinging rocks and kicking up dust.

Midway through the race they were within 5 minutes of the leaders and top 3 on corrected time. A few of the leaders would suffer minor mechanical issues and allow the Cognito team to sneak past everyone and into the physical lead. The new car was performing flawlessly.

Polaris RZR XP 4 1000
Dusty conditions at Silver State 300.

Pulling into Pit 7 first the chase crew was excited to see the new car flying. Only 36 miles to the finish and being the first car physically it was pretty clear today was going to be there first win in Best In The Desert. Justin tore out of the pit headed for the checkers.

Justin Lambert owner of Cognito Motorsports and driver of the 1918 HellRaiserXP1K being interviewed after the big win.
Cognito flew through the last 36 miles of the course nearly beating the chase crew to the finish line. Starting 15th off the line and crossing the finish line first is a huge accomplishment, But doing it in a brand new car with only 50 miles of testing on it is unheard of. This performance is sure to give Cognito a huge boost in confidence to finish out the 2014 race season.

Cognito Motorsports would like to thank the sponsors above for their support in 2014.

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