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CBR Performance Introduces Polaris RZR Oil Cooler Kit

CBR PERFORMANCE PRODUCTS inc. has released its new Polaris RZR 800/800s oil cooling kit. This kit features the latest and greatest in high performance cooling technology. CBR PERFORMANCE PRODUCTS revolutionary turbulized design universal plate and fin oil cooler is made of an aerospace quality aluminum construction that allows the cooler to be lightweight, compact and rigid while offering a high heat transfer and extremely resistant to corrosion.
The unique internal turbulized fins with the plates maximize heat transfer and redirect the oil flow, which works with the airside louvered fin design to provide highly efficient cooling with low pressure drop. The cooler mounts on a supplied bracket behind the radiator while a new oil filter bracket relocates the new wix filter on the front fire wall for easier oil changes. Oil temperatures have been seen dropping as much as 40 degrees in the most extreme climates. If you have a big bore kit, turbo, or just want your rzr to run cooler, this kit is for you!! two different size coolers are available (10 plate, 20 plate).Comes with all necessary hardware to install kit.

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