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Arizona Short Course Lucas Oil Regional Off-Road Series Drew Large Group of Racers and Spectators

Arizona Short Course Championship and Lucas Oil Regional Off-Road Series Arizona
GILBERT, AZ FEBRUARY 20, 2013: The Arizona Short Course Championship and Lucas Oil Regional Off-Road Series Arizona presented by ADS Shocks kicked off the 6 round season with over 100 racers at the Firebird International Raceway in Phoenix, AZ. With Monster Truck Rides, Freestyle Motocross Exhibitions, Off-Road Vendors and 20 green flag races, there was no lack of entertainment for the over 1500 spectators. “We always enjoy the first race of the season, getting to see the new racers join the group and previous racers coming back with improved cars,” said Tim Jones, President of the ASCC/ Lucas Oil Regional Off-Road Series Arizona. “We had some great races out on the Lucas Oil course here at Firebird. There will be some real strong competition all year long.”
Saturday the track was open for regional and national practice bringing out some of the biggest names in LOORRS racing. Some stayed for Sunday’s race including Drew Britt who won the Pro2 Class and Jacob Pearsons who finished 3rd in the Open Pro Class. Sheldon Creed took the Kary Environmental Checker Flag in the Open Pro Class, in front of other Saturday drivers Kyle Hart, Marty Hart’s son and Wayland Campbell, Shannon Campbell’s son.

Arizona Regional 2 lucas oil open pro
In Foddrill’s Limited Buggy class, winner Kevin McCullough, 2nd place Lindsay Geiser, and 3rd place Austin McIntyre had extra motivation to get to the checker flag with a $500 cash bonus split between the winners compliments of Foddrill’s. Mixed in the same heat race was the Foddrill’s 1600 Desert Limited Buggy Class winner Will Wing.

There were two UTV classes at the Arizona Regional race last weekend. Big O Tires Unlimited UTV class was won by Big O sponsored Adam Gruender. The Weller Racing SR1 UTV race later in the afternoon had a lot of entertainment. Jimmy Fishback, in his bright orange UTV, was out front for the majority of the race giving Optima Battery / Weller Racing Jason Weller and Corry Weller a real race. With only a couple laps left, the passenger rear tire flew off the Fishback car opening the lead to Jason Weller. Corry Weller, Jason’s wife, would take second place after a two lap battle and Clayton Graham would step into third.

There are 5 truck classes that run at the regional race. Early in the day the Open V8 trucks and Ultra4x4 class share the track. Gary Zweffel won the Open V8 class, and with only a few lining up for the Ultra4x4 class after the recent King of the Hammers, Jack Adams took the first win of the season. About mid-day the Hellion Mini Stock Trucks take the course. Neil Weaver won the Mini Stock class after the two podium disqualifications due to suspension length. To finish the day, the last class on course is the Select Glass Full Stock Truck class. The big trucks launched into the air and at the end of 10 laps Brendan Beeler would take the win with Nick Johnson and Roger Gonzales behind him.
Arizona Regional junior kart lucas oil
The largest category of racing, and the reason that regional races are so important as part of growing our sport, is the Junior Kart Classes. Parker Steele would stay in front of 10 other competitors winning the McMullen Fabrication and Transaxel Jr2 Karts class. In another class of 11 Jr1 Karts, Mason Prater would take the win. In the final Arizona Luxury Lawns & Greens Modified Karts class, Cole Mamer, Gavin Harlien and Jeff Hoffman would battle to the end finishing in their respected order. When looking at the list of 34 racers, Kali Kinsman’s name stands out competing in all three classes with a 6th, 2nd, and 12th place finishes. Parker Steele competed in two classes with a 1st and 5th place finish, along with many other sharing family names.

If you haven’t been to a short course regional race, we encourage you to watch this excellent recap of the race by Dirty Media: The next race will be April 6th at Speedworld Off-Road Park in Surprise, AZ. To get more information on the past or upcoming events go to

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About ASCC’s Lucas Oil Regional, AZ : The Lucas Oil Regional Series, Arizona focuses on presenting affordable, competitive grassroots racing in a safe, relaxed, family friendly atmosphere.
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Please contact Tim Jones at 602-763-4635 or email at
Open V8 Truck
1. #32 Gary Zweffle
2. #28 Jason Licklider

Ultra 4×4
1. # 284 Jack Adams
2. #54 Mark Mason
3. #4409 Paul Garner

BigO Tires Unlimited UTV
1. Big O Adam Gruender
2. #623 Hans Waage
3. #5995 Brian Smith
4. #657 Nicole Bungartz
5. #323 Doug Leeper
6. DNF Rick Diaz
7. DNS #664 Robert VanBeckum

McMullen Fabrication and Transaxel Jr2 Karts
1. #449 Parker Steele
2. #418 Hyden Cling
3. #455 Taylor Wood
4. #454 Lauren Knupp
5. #437 Mia Chapman
6. #436 Kali Kinsman
7. #429 Orion Rodriguez
8. #403 Jackson Ashurst
9. #451 Gaige Jurasko
10. DNF #419 Travis Godfrey
11. DNS #256 Justin Wilson

Jr1 Karts
1. #205 Mason Prater
2. #236 Kali Kinsman
3. #295 Tyler Davis
4. #256 Justin Wilson
5. #264 Alison Hansen
6. #291 Jesse Stone
7. #211 Camden Hoyland
8. #254 Luke Knupp
9. #247 Cole Shope
10. #249 Kaden Walsh
11. DNF #210 Ray Roben Jr.

Arizona Luxury Lawns & Greens Modified Karts
1. #535 Cole Mamer
2. #555 Gavin Harlien
3. #547 Jeff Hoffman
4. #548 Scotty Steele
5. #549 Parker Steele
6. #514 Preston Roben
7. #523 Broc Dickerson
8. #503 Jackson Ashurst
9. #588 Conner McMullen
10. #527 Taylor Wood
11. #577 Trisha Wright
12. #536 Kali Kinsman

Open Pro
1. #7 Drew Britt (Pro2)
2. #27 Scott Martinson (Pro2)

1. #74 Sheldon Creed
2. #97 Eric Fitch
3. #92 Jacob Persons
4. #41 Kyle Hart
5. #5 Wayland Campbell
6. #887 Dillon Reimer
7. #9 Bryan McCormick
8. #17x Sean Estess
9. #4 Dan Kelly
10. #17 Stacey Pike
11. #28 Anthony Lisa
12. DNF #21 Keaton Swayne

Weller Racing SR1 UTV
1. #1az Jason Weller
2. #18 Corry Weller
3. #811 Clayton Graham
4. #842 Scott Webster
5. #815 Lyn Grant
6. DNF #94 Dustin Nelson
7. DNF #1ca Jimmy Fishback
8. DNS #70 Jeff Kary
9. DNS #80 Robert Verdugo
10. DNS #805 Josh Rich

Hellion Mini Stock Trucks
1. #1 Neil Weaver
2. #75 Jayme Martens
3. #7 Kevin Bartling
4. DNF #17 Chad Hummer
5. DNS #26 Aaron Richards
6. DQ #71 Rich Ward
7. DQ #90 Kermit Lennick

Foddrill Limited Buggy – Additional $500 purse on this class for the opening round compliments of Foddrill Motorsports.
1. #389 Kevin McCullough
2. #395 Lindsay Geiser
3. #384 Austin McIntyre
4. #300 Ryan Therkildsen
5. #333 Hayden Melton
6. #383 Kent Lothringer
7. #318 Chase Ryan
8. #376 Cody Hukill
9. #323 Logan Swane
10. #314 Weston Schuck
11. #321 Krista Smith
12. DNS #388 Dillon Reimer

Foddrill’s 1600 Desert Limited Class
1. #1669 Will Wing
2. #1601 Kevin Streety
3. #1629 Cole Reed

Select Glass Full Stock Trucks
1. #10 Brendan Beeler
2. #85 Nick Johnson
3. #8 Roger Gonzales
4. #51 Cy McKee
5. #5 James McGough
6. #81 Greg Baum
7. DNF #6 Aaron Jones
8. DNF #37 Greg Church
9. DNF #35 Jake Munns
10. DQ #96 Brian McCutcheon
11. DQ #1 Will Munns

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