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Yamaha Motor Corporation Statement on McTaggart vs Yamaha Decision

Yamaha is disappointed by the jury’s decision to find for the plaintiff in this case and will pursue all appropriate legal remedies, including possible appeal.
Yamaha is saddened whenever anyone is injured in a Yamaha product-related accident, and we urge all our customers to follow the safety recommendations on our products and, as importantly, to always operate the products in a safe and responsible manner.
The plaintiff’s own experts conceded during the trial that the accident could not happen as the plaintiff testified. All the experts agreed that the accident occurred due to the driver’s speed and steering inputs.
The incident illustrates the importance of following the safety guidelines posted on the vehicle and the owner’s manual. The Rhino is a safe and useful off-road vehicle when driven responsibly. Drivers and passengers should wear helmets, protective gear including foot wear, and the vehicle’s three-point seat belts at all times.
Yamaha’s top priority is the safety of our customers, and we pride ourselves in the safety and quality of our products. Over 150,000 Rhino owners have used the vehicles safely, including the U.S. military, border patrol, and a growing number of law enforcement agencies, firefighters and other first responders. In fact, more than 99 percent of Rhino owners have operated their vehicles safely and responsibly over millions of hours of use. The Rhino has won virtually every “first in class” award and top safety ratings in independent reviews since its introduction.
Yamaha stands firmly behind the Rhino as a safe and useful off-road vehicle and will continue to vigorously defend the product. To learn more about the Yamaha Rhino, visit our website Blog

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