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Mitcvh Guthrie

Racing, and another big week for Walker Evans/ Holz Racing Team Drivers.

Mitch Guthrie lead it off by backing up his 2012 King of the Hammers win, finishing the 115 miles thrash fest in 7:51:52 and claiming his fourth KOH win. Dave Cole set a brutally tough course that only three of the 35 UTVs entered finished on time. Guthrie started strong from the ninth position and settled into a solid pace by race mile 3. From there, he and his co-dog Mitch Jr. pushed their Walker Evans-equipped Polaris RZR XP through fast desert sections and nasty rock crawls. Mitch pre-ran the entire course in the same car he raced, proving that if you can do it once, you can do it twice. “All in all we had a great day. But at the end it came down to sheer determination. We suffered some downtime when we had to change a ball joint on course. Back under way we ran into a pretty serious problem on a course this tough… no brakes. That’s when Mitch Jr. said “Just use the gas we don’t need the brakes” and we got after it running in the last 20 miles with Matt Enochs ahead of us and Jon Crowley and his RZR XP hot on our heels. We came over a rise and saw Enochs off course changing a flat and we knew we had a chance.” said Mitch Guthrie. When the dust settled, Guthrie earned his fourth King of the Hammers win by a mere 16 seconds!

Beau Baron

From KOH to WORCS, Walker Evans Racers kept the wins rolling. The #549 of Beau Baron picked up where he left off in SXS Pro Production —grabbing the holeshot through the super narrow start at Primm, NV. Baron put the power to the ground and started to check out with his and his Polaris/Holz Racing Products RZR XP 900 and scored his second straight win. “In a 6 lap race, that’s almost an hour long, it’s really a balance out there — go as fast as you can, but don’t tear up your car. This race was brutally tough. I had a good run going, I’d double into the first whoops and this Holz RZR XP sits flat in the corners so I can keep great corner speed, while my Walker Evans shocks soak up the nasty stuff and keep my Maxxis tires driving.” said Beau Baron. RJ Anderson started great with a holeshot from his row, but was plagued with a blown head gasket. “This past two races are not the start we were looking for. It’s time to get down to work. We’ll be ready for a battle in Havasu and ready to challenge in SXS Pro Production.” said RJ Anderson.

RJ Anderson
Moving on to SXS Production 1000, it was another Holz holeshot, this time by first round winner Mitch Guthrie Jr. and his # 751 RZR XP 900. Guthrie pulled away, driving smooth and gaining time on the short course portion of the course. Mitch Jr. spent another week at the top of the box with his second straight win and finished 3rd out of 40 overall against the entire field of SXS Pro/1000.
In SXS Production 700, H&M Motorsports/Maxxis Tires David Haagsma scored his first win with his newly built Holz RZR 570 and passed the entire SXS Production 850 field, while last round’s winner H&M Motorsports/Maxxis Tires Michael Bunyea finished third and continues to lead the class points.

Mitch Guthrie Jr.
“These are the kind of races that put every component to the test. We’ve got a great relationship with Mark Holz and think this is the perfect arena to test our shocks and wheels.” said Walker Evans Racing’s Brian MacLean.

Next up RJ Anderson and the rest of the WER/HRP UTV Racers will be ready to do battle for next round of WORCS Series March 22nd in Lake Havasu, AZ., the Coastal GNCC team will be ready for Washington, GA on March 16th, while Mark Holz and Scott Kiger’s Coastal/Holz RZR XP will compete at the Best in the Desert Mint 400 on March 23rd.

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