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Vision X Lighting Frosts Over with new Shockwave Frosted Lens

Vision X Shockwave Frosted Lens
March 28th – Algona, WA – Vision X Lighting announced the launch of the Shockwave Frosted, a new beam pattern option for the Shockwave series of industrial LED replacement fixtures. Shockwave lights feature an extruded aluminum housing, utilize SMD LEDS for Ultra wide flood beam angle, come in two models, and are available in several lengths. Models available are Shockwave Single with a single LED panel, and Shockwave Dual with two LED panels.

These lights were designed as a fluorescent replacement fixture but with their modular design have found themselves in many other applications: Mezzanine walkway lighting, pole mounted conveyor lighting, gen set powered remote work sites and engine rooms to name a few. The new frosted design was designed to remove “Imaging”, multiple shadows from the LEDs, in close range mounting applications.

Summary of Features:
– Single and Dual Panel Models Available
– Available in 1’, 2’, 3’, and 4’ Lengths
– Power Supply Mounts Available for AC Applications

Single Panel Shockwave Fixtures start at just $299.00
For more information visit or call a lighting specialist at 1-888-489-9820. For latest news, photos and contests visit

About Vision X Lighting:
Vision X Lighting, located in Seattle, Washington, was established in 1997 with the mission to revolutionize the lighting industry. Since that time, Vision X has created one of the largest premium lighting offerings in the world with hundreds of products and applications. Now, the military, border patrol, and even NASA have trusted Vision X on vehicles that cannot work with second best. Vision’s leadership in lighting has also landed them on the 2012 INC 5000 list with a 759% growth rate in 3 years, 10th overall in manufacturing, and 10th in the Seattle Washington area. Vision X Lighting’s commitment to its customers, dealers and product is unsurpassed.

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