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Rubicon Trail – August 2014

Day Trip on the Rubicon Trail

UTVs on the Rubicon Trail
Heading down the granite slabs on the Rubicon Trail

I got word of a small run on the Rubicon Trail and decided that I would need to tag along. At first it was just a few UTVs, but when we hit the trail, it was up to eight.  I brought along my 2014 Kawasaki Teryx, and Paul and Linda drove our 2014 Polaris RANGER Deluxe. In addition, Jeff had his RZR XP 1000 running 33-inch BFGs, Brock had his XP 900, Mark brought his XP 1000, Pat had his trusty RZR S, Miguel had his Teryx 4 which he purchased from us, and John brought his XP 1000 that he bought from us.

Everyone had well prepared vehicles, and was ready for some fun in the rocks.  I slowed the group down while stopping several times to get some photos. I was especially interested to see how Paul was doing in the RANGER Deluxe.  This was the first trip on the Rubicon with the RANGER.  We have added DragonFire Racing lift kit, Elka shocks, Factory UTV UHMW skids and 30-inch Moto tires and I wanted to see how it would do up against all these sport models.

Polaris RANGER Deluxe
The RANGER impressed everyone on the trail

Polaris RZR XP 1000 with 33-inch BFG Tires
Jeff’s XP 1000 went anywhere he pointed it with the 33-inch BFG tires

Polaris RZR XP 900
Brock’s XP 900 was well outfitted for the Rubicon.

Polaris RZR S
Pat’s Polaris RZR S was setup for adventure riding

Polaris RZR XP 1000
Mark kept mentioning that his wife would kill him if he scratched her XP 1000

Kawasaki Teryx4
Miguel made quick work of any obstacle in our old Kawasaki Teryx4

We made it to Little Sluice and took a break for lunch. Then it was game on to see who would make the cleanest run through the box!

Little Sluice

Kawasaki TeryxKawasaki TeryxKawasaki TeryxKawasaki Teryx

Polaris RANGER DeluxePolaris RANGER DeluxePolaris RANGER DeluxePolaris RANGER Deluxe

More Photos

Polaris RANGER DeluxeRubicon TrailRubicon TrailRubicon Trail

Rubicon TrailRubicon TrailRubicon TrailRubicon Trail

Rubicon TrailRubicon TrailRubicon TrailRubicon Trail

Rubicon TrailRubicon TrailRubicon TrailRubicon Trail


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