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Tailor-Made Accessories for the Can-Am Commander Side-By-Side

At the same time the radical new Can-Am® Commander™ side-by-side vehicle hits the ground, so will the most functional and sought-after accessories to customize it. When it comes to adapting their ride to fit unique uses, side-by-side owners are the most demanding and BRP is ready to meet their needs with a large assortment of accessories for all riding styles. There are 50 accessories available right at launch, with the focus on the most anticipated needs, from windshields and bumpers to ultra high-capacity racing shocks.
As with all BRP products, the accessory designers are included in the development process. This assures that custom parts are ready at the same time as each vehicle is introduced for total integration and the best riding experience. For the Commander side-by-side it meant having more accessories ready at launch than for any previous vehicle.

Distinct advantages of the simultaneous development of the vehicle and its accessories include:

  • Integration in form and function: all accessories fit perfectly because they were designed to, right from the start.
  • The look is customized, not added on.
  • Ease of installation: the parts line up like they’re supposed to, plus quick attach materials and methods combined with quality fasteners assure you can install and remove accessories quickly and easily to meet the needs of each ride.
  • Each accessory is purpose built – the many varied uses require unique performance characteristics – and BRP accessories deliver on those needs.

While Can-Am accessories certainly give a custom look and set you apart from the crowd, they go far beyond mere bling. Each accessory is designed to enhance the vehicle performance and ownership experience – from performance to utility – they help tailor the machine to your use and provide truly functional benefits.

The following is a partial list of accessories available at launch – but many more will follow – all with the same quality and real customer benefits you’ve come to expect from BRP.

  • Full and half windshields
  • Complete under belly skid plate kits
  • XT Rock Slider
  • Bumpers – heavy duty front, front and rear
  • Front Rack
  • Winch and Winch Multimount
  • Front Receiver Hitch
  • Roofs in yellow and black
  • Front Visor with light rack mounting area
  • Light Rack and Lights (halogen, LED and HID)
  • Fender Flares
  • 14-inch XT Wheels
  • Tailgate Protectors
  • Radiator Protector
  • Fox‡ High Performance Shocks
  • Plows

Can-Am Commander Accessories Video Overview – Part 1

Can-Am Commander Accessories Video Overview – Part 2


Launched simultaneously with the Can-Am® Commander™ side-by-side vehicle, BRP brings three functional windshields to the market to compliment its new high performance machines. These high-quality windshields were designed in conjunction with the vehicle to assure a perfect fit, easy installation, a totally integrated look and to work seamlessly with other Can-Am Commander accessories.
The windshields are offered in either half or full size for lighter recreational use, and full size with hard coating on both sides for scratch resistance in serious off road abuse. All windshields feature unique, quick attach flush mounting systems for easy installations and removal. One person is able to attach or take off a windshield in less than two minutes.
Perfect for warmer days is the half windshield. It deflects wind and dust away from the lower body while allowing fresh air to the upper body.
For the colder days or when more wind protection is wanted, the full size light use windshield fills the need. Designed more for recreational or occasional use, this windshield offers great protection from wind and dust at a very reasonable price.
For maximum protection and heavy use, the full size windshield with hard coated surfaces answers the user’s need. This windshield is the same size as the lighter use full windshield, but the hard coating (both sides) offers maximum resistance to scratching for heavy off road or commercial use.


When developing the Can-Am® Commander™ the design team knew people would be using this vehicle in rocky and rugged terrain that requires the use of skid plates for both protection and sliding over objects. What they developed to address this need was a series of six fully integrated skid plate systems made from tough, light-weight aluminum.
With six different skid plate kits, consumers can tailor the protection they want – from specific areas to a complete set for the whole machine. Each skid plate is made from 3/16 inch (4.76 mm) thick stamped aluminum and rather than use just flat stock material, BRP adds stiffening bends to assure strength and durability in the toughest conditions.
Because the skid plate systems were developed alongside the vehicle, and built to BRP’s exacting standards, their integration is perfect and installation is easy. In addition there are the little details that separate BRP skid plates from other products: recessed mounting holes, soft deflectors on the A-arm protectors to cover the CV joints, holes to access the engine and differential drain plugs, and extra
material where needed, such as in the extended front skid plate, to better protect your vehicle.
Complementing the skid plate system is the XT Rock Slider bar available for more side protection when crawling through nasty terrain.
1. Front Skid Plate
2. Lateral Skid Plates
3. Central Skid Plate
4. Rear Skid Plate
5. A-Arm Protectors
6. Trailing Arm Protector


BRP offers a complete line of auxiliary lighting options for its new Can-Am Commander side-by-side to answer almost any need. The options include LED, halogen and HID light components with all the mounting and connection parts needed for a quick and easy installation process.
The design of the lighting systems offered is completely integrated with the Can-Am Sport Visor to provide a rugged custom appearance. When looking at the choices, consumers will decide between an LED light bar, two or four halogen lights, two or four HID lights or a combination of two halogen and
two HID lights to determine just how much candle power they need. Mounting these lights will require use of the Can Am Sport Visor, Can-Am Light Support Rack, and the Roof Accessories and Light Wiring Kit, all of which work together providing easy plug and play installation.
Light Support Rack
This great looking, rugged aluminum rack is essential to mount the LED light bar or choice of up to four 83 mm round lights to a Commander side-by-side. Fully integrated with the Sport Visor for a custom look, it provides essential protection to the lighting system.

LED Light Bar
This plug and play 21 LED x 5x 6300 lm LED bar lighting system gives quality long and close range illumination. This is a heavy duty water and dust proof (rated at IP67*) system with 50,000 hrs durability built in. Kit includes basic wiring and switch.
Halogen lights
These halogen lights offer long range illumination with a compact design and feature an 83 mm clear glass lens with a heavy duty swivel mounting bracket. Sold in packs of two, they can be used in combinations of 2 or 4 by mixing or matching with more halogen or HID lights without overloading the charging system. Basic wiring and switch is included with the kit.

HID lightsFor those that really want to light up the night, this is the kit. Used mainly for long range illumination, HID (high-intensity discharge or sometimes called Xenon because of the gas used in HID lights) is ultra bright and unrivalled as it offers 2-3 times more light than a halogen bulb while using 35% less
power. This plug and play system works seamlessly with the Light Support Rack and Roof Accessories and Light Wiring Kit. Each HID light features an integrated ballast, 83 mm clear glass lens and heavy duty swivel mounting bracket in a compact design. They are water and
dust proof (IP67 and IP6K9K rated*) and withstand vibration up to five times better than a halogen bulb while delivering constant light even if the voltage isn’t steady. Sold in packs of two, they can be used in combinations of 2 or 4 by mixing or matching with more HID or halogen lights without overloading the charging system. Basic wiring and switch is included with the kit.
Roof Accessories and Light Wiring Kit
This kit provides a clean looking, well routed wiring harness for the roof lights of a Can-Am Commander side-by-side and includes an additional output for future accessories. All the necessary hardware required to connect roof accessories is included: wire harness, fuses and relay.


Can-Am® Commander™ owners will have the option to cruise in full open air sunshine or close up the top side for protection from the elements with the modular roof systems offered through Can-Am parts and accessories. Available right when the first Commander side-by-side vehicles arrive, the unique roof system will allow owners to quickly install or remove roof panels in less than two minutes to suit the day’s ride conditions.
The integrated modular design involves a front visor and mid roof section for driver and passenger coverage that fit together tightly, preventing water from dripping in, and offer a rakish, customized look. The roof panels are styled to match the bold design of the Commander, adding to the complete package rather than appearing to be an afterthought. Both sections are constructed from twin plastic sheets, an industry first, to provide a clean, finished surface on both the top and bottom sides. Plus they incorporate tool-less quick attach/detach systems and work in perfect harmony with the Commander windshields.
The front visor, available in black, is designed to easily accept the optional light bar system. The visor features underside pockets for storage of small items like maps or sunglasses in addition to integrated space for light switches and easy routing of the wires to power the roof lights.
The mid roof section, available in black or yellow, compliments the front visor’s look while adding to the protection factor. The quick attach system will allow owners to quickly and easily install or remove the roof depending on their needs. Use of the mid roof requires installation of the front visor.


Part of the new Can-Am Commander side-by-side vehicle’s appeal is its wide range of potential uses. Because some of those uses will be rugged and require front and rear vehicle protection, the development team made sure bumpers would be some of the first accessories offered.
Available right at delivery of the first Commander side-by-side will be two front and one rear bumper to provide protection and add even more functionality to these amazing vehicles. As one expects from BRP, the bumpers are fully integrated into the vehicle’s design for a great look and easy mounting.
The XT Front Bumper offers great protection for running through the brush and keeps the front of the machine looking good. This bumper also allows for the addition of a front rack and head light protectors: the Can-Am clamping system ensures quick installation and removal, while still allowing access to the service hood.

The Xtreme Off Road Front Bumper was inspired by the look and design of off road trophy trucks like those used in the Baja desert races, and as the name implies, it is for extreme conditions and use. The look is mean and assertive while its function is purposeful and effective. The Xtreme Bumper can be used separately or in conjunction with the XT Bumper for maximum protection.

For the rear BRP offers a bumper that protects well, yet allows full functionality of all the Commander features with no compromise. This good looking yet rugged bumper still allows full access to the tailgate and doesn’t interfere with the tilt box hardware or functions. These kinds of benefits only come from integrated design that starts at vehicle conception.

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