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In only its third year, the Rally on the Rocks event is quickly becoming the place to be for side-by-side UTV enthusiasts. After recently attending it for the first time, we at STI Tire & Wheel can easily see why.
After all, it’s held at the off-road recreation mecca of Moab, Utah. The trail system and the scenery alone make Moab one of the most spectacular, attractive and famous destinations on the planet. The area’s plentiful slick rock terrain is highly unique, and has to be experienced to be believed. When it’s dry, it offers more traction than 80-grit sandpaper. The challenge in operating a vehicle on this surface is navigating the extreme angles and pitches without bottoming out, high-centering or tipping.
Now throw in a few hundred like-minded friends, an experienced organizer and generous powersports industry support, and you’ve got a party in the making. The fun officially begins on a Wednesday in mid May, and for the next four days rolls on with difficulty-rated rides on a seemingly endless selection of trails, gatherings at nightly bonfires, raffles, games, catered food, beverages (of course), demo drives and more.
“More” includes the opportunity to check out a wide range of products from a long list of sponsors and exhibitors on vendor’s row. STI Tire & Wheel was glad to be a part of this. We always enjoy talking with current and future customers about products like Black Diamond tires and HD Alloy wheels, and especially new offerings such as the Silverback-XLite and HD3. Our buddies at Triple S Polaris were offering demos of an RZR set up with 30-inch Silverback-XLites mounted on HD3 wheels, and this “mud tire” setup proved to be nothing short of shocking in terms of how well it worked here in the rock-hard east-central part of the state.
It was an impressive event, and one that’s sure to grow even more in the years to come. We certainly plan to come here again. For more information, visit
STI HD3 wheels are available at finer ATV/UTV dealers everywhere. For more information, visit
More pictures from past Rally on the Rocks:

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