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Sneak Peek of Kawasaki Team Green’s 30th Anniversary Short Film

2011 marks the incredible achievement of a successful 30 years of Kawasaki’s Team Green program. Whether it’s helping fuel the dreams of young dirt bike riders becoming professional champions, supporting the professional off-road rider in quest for the podium, or adapting to new forms of racing such as side-by-side competition, Team Green has been there for its racers year in and year out to support big dreams in all shapes and sizes.

To celebrate the great accomplishments of the one-of-a-kind program, Kawasaki will premiere a short film during the Thursday night festivities at the AMA Amateur National Motocross Championships at Loretta Lynn’s. Check out a sneak peek of the film today.

Proud to announce its 30th year anniversary, Monster Energy Kawasaki Team Green™ continues its proud tradition of developing amateur motocross racers into today’s top professionals. After 30 successful years, the idea that launched the program remains the same. We support riders at all levels and make everyone who rides a Kawasaki feel like part of the greater Monster Energy Kawasaki family of fellow owners, riders, dealers and technicians spread across the nation.

The Team Green support program ensures that our riders are ready at race time by providing technicians and support staff at hundreds of amateur motocross events each year. We provide racers with unparalleled technical support and emergency parts for those last minute adjustments that make the difference in the race. Monster Energy Kawasaki Team Green is dedicated to building on years of experience to develop new and exciting ways to ensure that racers achieve their racing goals. While we are focused on helping our amateur athletes achieve success, we never forget the most important goal is to ensure a positive and enjoyable experience for the riders.

“If we learned one thing in those early years, it was never to put pressure on an amateur racer. Just pat them on the back and tell them to have a good time.” – Team Green founder Dave Jordan.

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