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Polaris RZR Billet Engine Mount Review

Polaris RZR Engine Mounts
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HRP Billet RZR Motor Mount Kit for both Polaris RZR standard and S models. Unlike the stock rubber mount, the HRP Billet Mount features a housing machined from pure 6061 aluminum with poly-graphite inserts. Unlike the stock Polaris mounts, which are susceptible to excessive flex and movement resulting in unwanted engine and transmission deflection, poor alignment, the potential for CV joint and half shaft to chassis contact, and overall poor performance; the new HRP Billet Mount eliminates those power robbing characteristics and potential mechanical failures.         

Durable poly-graphite inserts are more durable and less prone to failure than standard rubber designs; yet still deliver smooth power without excessive vibration unlike rigid mount systems.         

 The HRP Billet RZR Motor Mount Kit comes complete with three aluminum mounts, poly-graphite inserts, sleeves and complete installation instructions.

Factory Polaris RZR Engine MountThe stock rubber damped motor mounts on the Polaris RZR and RZR-S have shown to be weak and tear over time especially under heavier loads or aggressive driving.

The soft rubber allows the engine, transmission and rear diff assembly to move or deflect too much and come in contact with the chassis causing potential damage.


Factory Polaris RZR Engine Mount

Engine Mount
Holz vs. OEM Engine Mount

The Holz Motor Mounts are made using CNC machined 6061 Billet aluminum housing and incorporates a stout poly-graphite urethane isolator to limit vibration and decrease deflection.

What is Poly-graphite and why do we use it?
Poly-graphite is polyurethane that has been impregnated with graphite so that it becomes self lubricating and eliminates that annoying squeak that you would get with other rubber or poly bushings. The polyurethane bushings are more rigid therefore much better at absorbing the twisting motion of the motor under load than traditional rubber, but is still forgiving enough to keep the smaller vibrations to a minimum.

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