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Rugged Radios Introduces New RM-50R 50-Watt Remote Head Dual Band Radio

Rugged Radios RM-50R 50-Watt Remote Head Dual Band Radio

The RM-50R remote head dual band radio offers powerful 50-watts in a versatile unit that allows installation in virtually any vehicle. When space is an issue, the RM-50R is up to the task. Simply mount the radio box out of sight and install the compact remote head in a convenient location.

The unique features of the RM-50R is that it’s a smaller radio than most traditional 50-watt radios allowing you to use the remote head if you want. By using the remote head, finding a space to mount your RM-50R just became a lot easier. You can mount the remote head on any flat surface such as a dash, trailer cabinet, or center console. The programmable hand mic provides easy “on the fly” changes to station selection and programming without the need for a laptop or software.


In addition, the RM-50R features dual band capability, meaning the RM-50R allows you to transmit on either UHF or VHF, giving you more options when you need them.

The RM-50R features a loud speaker as well as a 3.5mm speaker output port. Depending upon the installation location of the radio unit, you may want to add an external speaker. The included 20′ audio cable allows you to mount the radio box anywhere and then connect an optional speaker anywhere in your vehicle.

Whether you’re racing or just looking to have powerful 2-way communications for your Jeep, side-by-side, SUV, or 4-wheel drive vehicle, the RM-50R is an ideal choice for communications up to 30 miles.*

Rivaling other radios, for power, performance, price, and features, the RM-50R is destined to be one our most popular radios.

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