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New & Improved V3 Tecate Split Light

The perfect split-length alternative to full-length rear chase lights bars

SHINGLE SPRINGS, California, March 15th, 2022 –– A market leader in providing high-quality lighting solutions and accessories to the off-road industry, Rear Light Bar ( proudly introduces their new and improved V3 Tecate Split –– a pair of (2) 6″ rear tail light bars that feature both Amber dust lights and Red brake lights. 

With the unique ability to automatically switch between the Amber dust lights and the Red lights when braking, the Amber strobe/solid pattern choices as well as the Red braking capability are also synced between the pair. 

According to RLB’s owner, Dave Devlin, “The split light provides an ideal solution for UTVs or vehicles with tire racks, speakers, or anything mounted that prevents a full length chase light.”

All V3 lights from RLB are fully waterproof with a sealed front PC lens and sealed end caps.  new proprietary optics, advanced Dual Variable Trac Mounting System, waterproof-sealed wire harness and end cap mounted military style breather to prevent moisture and condensation. Designed to be 100% completely plug-&-play for easy installation on all UTVs, RLB’s rear chase lights come with high-quality GM Style Deutsche connectors that plug directly into our compatible pigtails. Thus, there is no more wire cutting or crimping required.

Pigtails are available for all make and model UTVs; Polaris, Can-Am, Kawasaki, Textron, Honda, Yamaha, and Speed UTV.


  • RUNNING/BRAKE LED LIGHTS: Blinker capable with our Pro8 Programmable Electronic Switch Panel or any blinker kit (sold separate)
  • LED: Amber/Red
  • PROPRIETARY ROCKER SWITCH: Three position Multi Function Rocker Switch; 1) AMBER OFF,  2) AMBER ON, and 3)  MOMENTARY – Quick press to change AMBER strobe pattern. BESEEN™ LED illuminated Rocker Switch fits all factory installed rocker slots, for both UTV and automotive.
  • LED STROBE LIGHT COMBINATIONS: 7 pattern combo; 1 SOLID AMBER , and 6 different AMBER strobe pattern combinations
  • DUAL VARIABLE TRAC-MOUNTING-SYSTEM: 2 mounting slots run the full-length of light bar; 1 vertical (back side of housing) 1 horizontal (bottom of housing)
  • VOLTAGE REGULATOR: Proprietary 5V voltage regulator for brake lights, NO RELAY REQUIRED FOR ALL POLARIS UTVs


  • LED COLOR: RED: 620-360NM  AMBER: 585-595NM
  • LED SOURSE: Epistar 1w LED
  • LED LIFE: 50,000 hour life expectancy
  • LENS: Hard Impact Resistant Polycarbonate
  • HOUSING: Powder coated Aircraft Grade Aluminum
  • IP Degree: IP67 Fully Waterproof Housing
  • WIRING: Sealed GM Style Deutsch waterproof connectors
  • HARDWARE: Stainless steel, mounting bolts included
  • Universal for all 12V power source systems
  • Full Power Consumption: (2) 12 Watt 
  • Dimensions: (2) 6″L x 1.750″H x 2.125″D 

About RLB
Founded in 2014, Rear Light Bar created the first all-in-one chase light to replace the only other DIY options available at the time. Acquired in 2018 by DeZert-Tek Inc., Rear Light Bar gained a fresh set of eyes to revitalize, revamp, and redesign the company in order to capture the market, including a brand new eCommerce website, new dealer programs, and a complete rebranding from “Rear Light Bar” to simply “RLB.” Though reborn, the company retained its mission to deliver the highest quality products on the market –– likewise researching, testing, and innovating continually.

With a complete redesign, the Chase Lights are entirely Plug-N-Play, and now feature three different models which cover all forms of off-road racing and recreational use: The Baja Sur, San Felipe and San Felipe Race Series. RLBcontinues to enhance our current products as well as develop new ones. With additional designs and releases including the Pro8 Electronic Programmable 8 Button Switch Panel, the highest quality LED Whips and Non-LED Day Whipson the market, 9w Cree LED Rock/Dome Lights, Plug-N-Play Pigtails and Universal Mounting Brackets.

At RLB, we are passionate about off-roading, providing a high-quality product, and striving to provide excellent customer service as the foundation of our growth –– with affordable pricing, and backed by a lifetime warranty.

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