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Ride Spot: Little Sahara State Park

Little Sahara State Park

Little Sahara State Park , also known as Waynoka Dunes due to their proximity to the town of Waynoka, Oklahoma.

The park offers over 1,600 acres of rideable sand dunes ranging in height from 25 feet to 75 feet tall.  

Designated OHV route to-from Waynoka, Oklahoma is available from the dunes.

Little Sahara Sand Dunes

Little Sahara Sand Dunes


Four miles south of Waynoka, Oklahoma on Highway 281


  • All vehicles must have a WHIP attached to the ORV that extends 10 feet from the ground to the top of the whip.
  • All vehicles must have a 6″x12″ FLAG attached within 10″ of the whip’s tip that is bright orange in color only with no writing on the flag.
  • All vehicles must have Lights, front and rear, for night use.
  • Dune buggies and 4×4 vehicles must have a ROLL BAR sufficient to support the weight of vehicle and must have a seat belt for every passenger.
  • Riding double no longer allowed unless the vehicle was specifically designed by the manufacturer for a passenger.
  • Riders under 18 must wear a helmet.
  • Reckless operation of off-road vehicles, such as “wheelies” or “power slides’, is prohibited in the campground area.
  • You must stay within park boundaries.
  • Full coverage HELMETS are strongly suggested, and of course riding is at your own risk.
  • Your are required to stay within the posted SPEED LIMIT of 15 MPH. ORVs should use low gears only.
  • No speeding, wheelies, or reckless operation of any vehicle in the camp grounds. Speed limit 15 MPH.
  • Transporting open containers of beer in any motor driven vehicle is prohibited. This includes three-wheelers, four-wheelers and dune buggies in the camp ground.
  • No person under the age of 21 may drink or possess alcoholic beverages.
  • All pets must remain on a chain or leash not to exceed 10 ft. in length.
  • Fires in the dune area are strictly prohibited. Fires in the camping area are approved in the grills only.
  • Glass containers are prohibited in the dune area.
  • All alcoholic beverages are prohibited in the dune area.


There are campsites available at both ends of the dunes and one private campsite closer to Waynoka.


The dunes were created over 11,000 years ago from terrace deposits and well-sorted quartz left by the Cimarron River when it flowed across this area during the Pleistocene Age. This makes for extremely fine quartz sand.

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