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OMF Billet Center Beadlock Wheel Review

OMF Billet Center Beadlock Wheel Review

Yamaha Rhino on the Rubicon - OMF Billet Center Wheels
Yamaha Rhino with OMF Billet Center Beadlock Wheels


Starting with a high quality 6061-T6 rim shell, OMF uses a CNC machine to mill the center of the rim shell to accept a new CNC machined Billet Center. The Billet Center is then bolted in which allows you to adjust the offset of the wheel depending on how you position the billet center in relation to the wheel.

All OMF Performance Billet Center wheels come with an exclusive Scalloped Beadlock and Inner Reinforcing Ring. This triple threat comes together to create the strongest and lightest, adjustable offset 12” wheel around. Not to mention its great looks.

And then OMF adds a Polished Stainless Steel backing plate to cover up unsightly brake rotors and hubs, and a set of Chrome lug nuts.

These aren’t the cheapest wheels on the market, but they look great and provide unrivaled strength.

Why Beadlocks?

Traction is key to being successful on trails like the Rubicon trail. Traction helps you crawl up and over rocks without slipping and the easiest way to gain traction is by lowering the air pressure in your tires. Lowering the air pressure will cause the tire’s contact patch area to become larger. This will provide you with better traction, floatation, control and a softer ride.

Lower air pressure in your tires is great, but lowering the air pressure too much increases the chance of popping a tire bead which will in turn cause the tire to deflate and possibly peel off the rim. The solution to debeading is a beadlock wheel. Simply put, a beadlock is a mechanical fastening device that literally clamps the tire’s bead bundle onto the wheel rim using mechanical force rather than air pressure. It holds the tire’s bead firmly in place even under extremely low air pressure.

Tire with 5 PSI Tire with 20 psi
5 psi vs 20 psi


More Photos:

Polaris RZR - OMF Performance wheels Yamaha Rhino - OMF Performance Polaris RZR - OMF Performance


12" Billet Center Wheel with Orange Center, Black Rim Shell, and Orange Beadlock Ring 12" Billet Center Wheel with Polished Center, Black Rim Shell, and Blue Beadlock Ring with Maxxis Bighorn Tire 12" Billet Center Wheel with Red Center and Red Beadlock Ring

OMF Performance Billet Center wheels OMF Performance Billet Center wheels OMF Performance Products - RZR Billet Wheels

ITP Holeshot SxS ITP Holeshot SxS Holeshot SxS


OMF Performance

Website: www.omfperformance.com
Phone: (951)354-8272

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