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RacePace Rear Bumper For Yamaha YXZ1000R

RacePace Rear Bumper For Yamaha YXZ1000R

Chandler, AZ, February 1, 2016 — Back off! We all have that one friend who follows a little too closely trying to keep up on the trails… and some of us have found out first-hand why that’s a bad idea! DragonFire’s all new RacePace Rear Bumper for Yamaha’s YXZ1000R provides added protection for those times your tailgating buddy runs out of talent.

“Our RacePace YXZ Bumpers are designed with a focus on protection,” says DragonFire Engineering Creative Design Manager Seth Bredeson. “Our lightweight steel construction offers corner-to-corner protection from impacts and keeps vital components safe.” Utilizing OEM mounting points and clamping directly to the frame means there is no cutting or welding required for installation.

Stylized with laser cut gussets and billet end caps enhance the aesthetics, but this bumper is RacePace to the core. “The racer’s mantra is to strip off the nonessentials while beefing up the performance and protection,” Bredeson notes. “Keep it light, keep it fast and run it at RacePace with DragonFire.” Mission accomplished!

“Pure performance is the name of the game for Yamaha’s YXZ1000R,” Bredeson adds. “This rings true with DragonFire’s racing roots. The RacePace rear bumper is just part of the ever-expanding array of new products for the popular Yamaha.” From front and rear bumpers to harnesses and harness mounting kits, quick-disconnect steering wheels and Flying V bars, DragonFire has your YXZ1000R covered, including your vulnerable six o’clock rear section. “Make sure your backside is covered… and then accelerate to RacePace!”

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  • Lightweight Steel Construction For Heavy Duty Protection
  • Powdercoated Black To Match OEM Colorway
  • Race Inspired Minimalist Design
  • Billet End Caps
  • Easy install — No welding or cutting necessary
  • Made in the USA

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