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Possible ATV/UTV ban on city streets in Pocatello, Idaho

Jan 9, 2009

POCATELLO – As the Gate City tightens its belt for the upcoming year, it’s also dealing with a proposed ordinance that’s getting a lot of people riled up. It’s over a possible ban on ATV’s and other off-road vehicles.The draft comes as a result of an amendment to a state ordinance, that gives city governments the power to regulate if ATV’s are allowed on city streets.

The Pocatello City Council is proposing to make it illegal for ATV, UTV, and motorbikes to be driven on all public streets and highways, including public and private property open to the public. And some worry, that could affect local ATV dealerships.The draft does have allowances for ATV’s to be used in the city for snow removal and agricultural work.

Mayor Chase told Eyewitness News there were several people in support of the ban, but none of them showed up to the council meeting.This public hearing on the possible ATV ban has been continued. The topic will be picked up next week at a special meeting.


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