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Polaris RANGER EV Long Term Review

Long Term Product Review



October 2011 –

Polaris Ranger EV and Ranger 500Polaris Ranger EVPolaris Ranger EV

Horse and Hound  Show at Leone Equestrians. The Ranger EV was perfect for the horse show. Golf carts are all over the place, but I did find a Ranger 500 on the grounds as well. The mid-sized Rangers are super nimble around all the horse. The other thing that is really nice is the turf mode rear differential.  With a push of a button, you can go from unlocked two wheel drive to locked two wheel drive.  And then one more click for four wheel drive.

September 2011 –

Polaris Ranger EV

Our Ranger EV is coming in handy this weekend down at Leone Equestrians facility. Both kids are showing at the Pickwick Medal show so having our EV here is invaluable for getting back and forth from the gates to the barn. And the bed is great for hauling saddles and other supplies.

And the best thing is the EV’s battery power is super quiet so we don’t spook any horses.

August 2011 –

Polaris Ranger EV towing Rough Cut Field Mower

Good thing we have the Ranger EV and ourtowable rough cut mower because Crowley Ranch would need more alpacas to keep up with the grass if we didn’t!

June 2011 –

Polaris Range EV

I was out doing some field mowing with ourPolaris Ranger EV yesterday and looked down at the hour meter.  We just clicked off our 100th hour with our EV and it is going strong.  This unit is over a year old and we use it all the time without any issues.

Our Ranger EV is used mostly for light duty work (hauling hay, chicken scratch, firewood or concrete bags), but is also used quite extensively to tow ourKunz Rough Cut Mower. The conditions of our pasture are often wet and muddy, so it isn’t easy work either – four-wheel drive is a must.

I really like not having to worry about gas as well.  It is super easy to plug it in every few days and in the morning, everything is good to go.

May 2011 –


Our Polaris RANGER EV was put to use yesterday hauling tools for trimming tree branches. I also put a strap on this dead tree and dragged it over to the burn pile.  I was a bit surprised that the EV had enough torque to pull out of the thick grass and mud, but it didn’t even flinch.

April 2011 –

Polaris RANGER EV hauling compost
Our lawn has some bare spots and a few low areas. I am using our Polaris Ranger EV to haul loads of compost from out back to the lawn. The EV’s size and unlockable rear diff (aka turf mode) are perfect for this task so I don’t tear my grass up.

Polaris Ranger EV
Using the Polaris Ranger EV to haul downed branches in the alpaca’s pasture. The ground is super wet still so the EV’s size and weight help to not tear the grass up.

Nelly seems right at home sitting next to the EV. Probably because I was able to sneak up without any engine noise.

February 2011 –

With the winter storms hitting northern California hard last week, there are lots of downed branches to clear. The Polaris Ranger EV is perfect for this kind of work because of its’ relatively light weight and 4×4 help it get through the mucky parts without tearing big ruts.

January 2011 –

Hauling a load of wet red clay in the back of theRanger EV from all the fence post holes I dug.

Using ourPolaris Ranger EV to move the compost pile over to a new bigger and better location. Don’t have a tractor with a bucket so the Ranger EV works great.

The mid-size Polaris Ranger EV is small enough to get places many other UTVs can’t.

Hauling a roll of 5 ft. no climb fence our to the pasture. Have to drive across a muddy section and two-wheel drive won’t cut it. The Polaris Ranger EV can haul and has all-wheel drive. No issues with getting stuck. Try doing that with a golf cart!

We used the Polaris Ranger EV to haul gates, posts and tools out to the pasture today.

December 2010 –

The Ranger EV is great this time of year for doing cleanup. It is lighter and more nimble than many other UTVs and when the rear differential is unlocked, it doesn’t tear up the ground as much. But with a flip of the switch, I have a true 4×4 UTV that can get through the muck.

I am officially ready for all the leaves to stop falling! I have been mowing and raking a bunch the last two days. The Ranger EV has been handy hauling everything out to the compost pile.

November 2010 –

Polaris Ranger EV hauling firewood
Using the Polaris Ranger EV to load wood from around the yard in the truck. Heading to my father-in-laws tomorrow with a load tomorrow.

With its mid-size the Ranger EV is great for tight spots like gates and walkways.

Last few storms have created a mess in the yard. The Polaris Ranger EV is awesome for hauling all the downed branches.

October 2010 – Working around the pasture and garden

Polaris Ranger EV hauling compostPolaris Ranger EV with tilt bedPolaris Ranger EV hauling compost
I used the Polaris Ranger EV to haul loads of compost over to my wife’s garden. She likes to keep things organic, so this pile of decomposed leaves and cow manure is perfect. Hauled three loads of compost over to the garden.  Dump bed on the Ranger EV is super nice for unloading.  I raked it out and then went to work with the roto-tiller.

Our friends won our neighborhood largest pumpkin contest. My daughter and I are hauling it back to their house with the Ranger EV. It weighed in at 138 lbs!

September 2010 – Lots of work for the Ranger EV

Hauling dirt with our Polaris Ranger EV
Had a few low spots out in the pasture that I wanted to level off. Loaded some dirt in our Polaris Ranger EV to get it out in the pasture. Since the EV is much lighter than a truck and has turf mode, I don’t tear up the wet ground. Plus the dump bed makes unloading a breeze.

We now have 61 hours on our Ranger EV and it is going strong.

Polaris Ranger EV towing a Kunz Rough Cut Mower
Used the Ranger EV to tow a Kunz Rough Cut Field Mower

Polaris Ranger EV pulling a drag harrowPolaris Ranger EV pulling a Drag Harrow
Used our Polaris Ranger EV to prepare the pasture for seeding. I am pulling the drag harrow, which is heavier than it looks and has tines that break up the soil. The Ranger EV does not even flinch. Very impressed with the performance.

Hauling oak firewood with the Polaris Ranger EVHauling yard debris with the Polaris Ranger EV
Our Polaris Ranger EV is getting a workout today. From hauling yard debris to the burn pile to moving oak firewood the EV performs well.

Polaris Ranger EV hauling compostPolaris Ranger EV hauling grass clippingsPolaris Ranger EV dump bed
My wife likes to compost as much as possible. This time of year the lawns are growing fast and the oak leaves are falling like crazy. I set the Polaris Ranger EV up in the front yard and fill the bed up. Then run out back and dump all of it in the compost pile. The grass clippings really get the process going. Box Capacity on the Ranger EV is 500 lbs. and the tilt Bed makes quick work of unloading.

August 2010 –

Hauling hay with the Polaris Ranger EV
ThePolaris Ranger EV is super handy for hauling hay and straw out back.

Polaris Ranger EV
I had a leak in a 2″ distribution line and it is a pain to get to and repair. The Polaris Ranger EV sure comes in handy for hauling all the shovels, pump and PVC fittings.

Polaris Ranger EV in the pasture with cattle
Running around in the Ranger EV checking on the cows and turning on sprinklers. It is a cool morning in northern California today. Almost feels like an early Fall morning.

July 2010 – Lake Almanor. We brought the Ranger EV up to Lake Almanor for the Fourth of July weekend. Participated in the 4th of July Parade in Chester and also went for two different trail rides.

Polaris RANGER EVPolaris RANGER EV in the 4th of July Parade
Chester 4th of July Parade

Polaris RANGER EV, RZR S and RZR in the Plumas National Forest
Out for a few trail rides in the Plumas National Forest with the Ranger EV, RZR S and RZR

June 2010 – Using the Ranger EV to haul bark. Tilt bed is perfect for dumping.


June 2010 – Used the EV to haul parts out for a solar well pump install.

Polaris RANGER EVSolar Well Pump

June 2010 – The cows sure are curious around the Polaris Ranger EV. They don’t know what to think when I drive by with some hay in the back.

Polaris RANGER EV - Cattle

June 2010 – Hauling brush with the RANGER EV

Polaris RANGER EV hauling brush

May 2010 – Used the Ranger EV out in the pasture today to haul some old fence material around the yard and pasture. The calves sure did express an interest in the EV.

Polaris RANGER EVPolaris RANGER EV - CattlePolaris RANGER EVPolaris RANGER EV

May 2010 – Drove on my lawn today, and I didn’t tear it up!  The turf mode rear differential setting is awesome.

Polaris RANGER EV with "Turf Mode"

May 2010 – The Polaris Ranger EV did a great job pulling the new chicken coop
into place.

Polaris Ranger EV

April 2010 – Used the Ranger EV to haul some 15 gallon redwood trees. Try doing that with your golf cart! The RANGER EV has a 500 lb. Lock & Ride cargo box


April 2010 – Capital City Classic Tournament Horse Show at Leone Equestrians. The Ranger EV was perfect for the horse show. Golf carts are all over the place, but the Ranger EV has the bed for hauling stuff around. We were very impressed with how quiet it was and how well it was able to maneuver through the crowded isles.

Polaris RANGER EVPolaris RANGER EVPolaris RANGER EVPolaris Ranger EV at Leone Equestrian

April 2010 – Took delivery of our demo unit today. Took it out to check on the cows. It was amazing how much closer we could get to the cows with how quiet it was.  Drove in some very sloppy mud and the RANGER EV didn’t even notice.


June 2010, Polaris R&D Facility – Got to try out the new 2010 Polaris RANGER EV at the Polaris R&D facility in Minnesota.


Polaris Ranger EV Product Review

Manufacturer Info:

Polaris Industries, Inc.
2100 Highway 55
Medina, MN 55340
(763) 417-8650

Website: Polaris Industries

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