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Gibson Twin Rear Exit Exhaust
Gibson Twin Rear Exit Exhaust

Compliment your Polaris RZR XP 1000 with Gibson Twin Rear Exit Exhaust. Get an extra increase of 2-4 rear wheel horsepower, 3-5 more foot pounds of torque and 2-3mph. With Gibson non-packed mufflers you can guarantee a consistent level of sound and performance quality for the duration of your vehicles lifetime. Utilizing a compression spring fitting allows plenty of movement to handle all types of abuse eliminating the possibilities of breakage; Finished with a personalized powder coated rear beauty plate, complete black Ceramic Exhaust and intercooled tips. All necessary hardware is included for a complete hassle free bolt on installation. Tested with a decibel reading of 101db’s per the SAEJ 1287 testing procedure. USFS Approved Spark Arrestor.

Black Ceramic Twin Rear Exhaust 98015

Stainless Twin Rear Exhaust 98016

Gibson Performance Exhaust

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