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Polaris RZR Stage One Cooling Kit Now Available from CBR Performance

CBR Performance Products, Inc. has released its new POLARIS RZR 800 STAGE 1 COOLING KIT. This kit features the latest and greatest in high performance cooling technology. What gives this revolutionary radiator its edge is the core design, featuring an advanced 6.6mm fin pitch and 42mm thickness, compared to the stock 10mm fin pitch and 28mm thickness. This advantage allows for a larger surface area for superb cooling performance. The custom built tanks allow a massive 20% gain in coolant capacity, and features our dual pass design which allows the flow of coolant to pass through the core twice, enhancing its cooling capability. This kit is a direct replacement, utilizing the stock shroud and fan.

Throughout testing, temperatures have dropped as much as 25 degrees in the most extreme environments. Don’t let the summer heat slow you down. This kit is 100% aluminum and 100% tig welded for light weight and durability.

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