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Polaris RZR 840cc Billet Big Bore Kit now available from Muzzys

This fully liquid cooled 84 mm cylinder is machined from billet
aluminum and finished with tough nickel silicon carbide plated bores.
Put it on top of a stock Polaris RZR engine and you’ve got 840cc of nearly
unstoppable power. Machining the cylinder from billet offers increased
wall thickness and improved coolant flow. An added bonus is there’s no
core charge. The cylinder is offered as a kit (with 84mm pistons,
rings, pins, clips, head and base gaskets) or by itself. A Billet cam,
lifters and valve spring kit are also available.

p/n 0007-00277 Polaris RZR/RZR-S 840cc Billet Cylinder/Piston Kit
Includes Nickel silicon carbide coated billet cylinder, pistons, pins,
rings, clips, head and base gaskets.

p/n 0007-00276 Polaris RZR/RZR-S 840cc Billet Cylinder only

Muzzys, Inc.
62910 Peerless Ct.
Bend, OR 97701

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