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Polaris RZR 44mm Throttle Body

This throttle body has undergone extensive research and development to coincide with machine work to shape the bore from a stock 39mm to a 48mm and taper to 44mm with a RA “roughness average” of a minimum of a 16 finish – nearly mirror – to flow better than stock and make it a perfect match with the DragonFire G3 Performance Fuel Controller (DFR-2PRCG3, $225.00) and Dual Exhaust (DFR-2PRFSER, $899.00). These are the same components used on the Factory Makita Polaris Racing RZR. Torque and horsepower are drastically increased with the increased airflow. Additional tuning is required with our G3 Controller. DFR-PRTBPrice: $189.00Pricing is for machining work; refundable core charge (DFR-1BTBCORE, $450.00) not included.

RZR Throttle Body
DragonFire Racing
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