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Polaris ACE Editor Viral Video Challenge

Polaris ACE 570

Polaris ACE Editor Viral Video Challenge

Polaris ACE is extending an invitation to your media outlet to take part in the “Editor’s Cup Viral Video Challenge.” It’s media outlet vs. media outlet, creating and promoting a video about ACE, vying for the top amount of “Likes” on YouTube.

Be sure to click the “Thumbs Up” and we love your comments!

The internet is a wonderful thing. How many times have you searched YouTube for your favorite UTV? It’s a great forum for information, entertainment, and, indeed, advertising.

We are requesting that the UTVGuide.net troops assemble and help us win the challenge! All you have to do is go to http://bit.ly/ACE-Rubicon and like the video- it’s just over a minute long, and features some incredible scenery from the breathtaking Rubicon Trail being trounced by our customized blue Polaris Sportsman ACE 570.

Polaris ACE 570
Copter Kids shoot on the Rubicon Trail

We began our ACE build with a bone-stock 570 unit earlier this year, adding all of the performance, safety, and creature comforts that we routinely stack onto our full-sized UTVs. The stock cage was ditched in favor of a much more attractive piece from the off-road fanatics at IMG Motorsports. A set of custom full-height PRP doors were also added, with a matching PRP suspension seat and 4 point harness. Proline Wraps created a vinyl suit that amps up the ACE’s looks, matching the candy blue powdercoat of the cage and doors. Now, sitting in the ACE feels much more satisfactory, as you get a sporty, enclosed cab feel that inspires confidence in any situation.

Polaris ACE on the Rubicon Trail
ACE 570 on the Rubicon Trail during our video shoot with Copter Kids

Knowing that we would be cruising at low speeds on the Rubicon Trail, we called up our good friends at SSV Works for a full custom stereo. If you don’t have a stereo in your UTV, just picture driving your car anywhere with radio silence- the experience is always more enjoyable with your favorite tunes blasting. SSV makes a very reliable, great-sounding system that doesn’t place speakers in your way, which is perfect for the tight packaging of the ACE. We went a bit overboard on this install though, with 6 speaker pods, 2 amps and a nice subwoofer.  With bluetooth connectivity, this little ACE is a rolling DJ station!

Polaris ACE on the Rubicon Trail
Incredible Scenery on the Rubicon Trail

On the performance side, we turned to long-time Polaris partner Walker Evans Racing for a full set of struts and shocks. The aftermarket suspension setup provides smoother damping with better bottoming resistance, which is just what we needed when bombing through the dunes or bashing into big rocks in the Rubicon. Since the ACE uses relatively small shocks, the suspension upgrades are quite affordable.

Trinity Racing developed a full exhaust system for the ACE, which fits like an OEM piece and delivers a much more aggressive sound. The 570 already makes great power in a smooth fashion, so the exhaust system accentuates the stock powerband with a little more kick at all RPMs.

For night riding, we added a couple Rigid Industries D-series light pods, as well as their A-series accent lighting. Rigid makes some of the brightest lights you can buy at a decent price, and their quality never disappoints.  For the dirt and rocks, ITP supplied a massive (for the ACE) set of 28-inch BajaCross tires mounted beadlock wheels to aid in our traction-hungry endeavors.

Polaris ACE on the Rubicon Trail
Coming Down the Granite Slabs on the Rubicon

For the video, we suited up in our ultra-comfortable Fly Racing jersey, gloves, and helmet, and took to the rocks on the Rubicon Trail. Providing ample scenery worthy of a postcard photograph at every glance, the Rubicon also offers some of the most enjoyable climbing terrain imaginable- the sheer difference of terrain in this area is unimaginable. From boulders to tight trails to slickrock faces, the Rubicon is definitely one of our all-time favorite destinations.

We have used this ACE in every terrain type except for deep mud, and can whole-heartedly say that it is a downright blast. Just like the first RZR 800, the ACE is small, nimble, and lively. While it may not have the rock-devouring travel and torque of our Teryx 800, it holds its own on the boulders and rock steppes of Northern California. Check out the YouTube video and help us win the contest- that way, we can keep bringing you product tests and build stories about the machines you’re interested in!

Polaris ACE 570


  • SSV Works – Stereo
  • PRP Seats – Doors, Seat, Harness
  • Walker Evans Racing – Shocks
  • IMG Motorsports – Cage
  • ProLine Wraps – Wrap
  • Fly Racing – Riding Gear
  • ITP Tires & Wheels – Tires and Wheels
  • Trinity Racing – Exhaust
  • Rigid Industries – LED and Accent Lights
  • Factory UTV – UHMW Skid Plate
  • Axia Alloys – Mirrors
  • Fullerton Sand Sports – Sand Tires

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