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Off Road Recreation and Access to Public Lands Losing the High Ground

The message below is from Chris Horgan and your friends at Save the Trails. Please consider making your voice heard.

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Many of you took the two minutes to vote for Ideas. Your votes catapulted Ideas like “Enhancing OHV Opportunities on Public Lands”, “More Than Enough Wilderness” and “Preserving OHV Recreation Use For Families.” These took the top spots as you can see in the table below left.

Since August apparently the anti access folks have been scrambling to negate all of your votes by asking their members to DEMOTE all the Ideas you thought were good and PROMOTE ideas about land closure, as you can see in the 9/2010 table below right.


A Report will be given to the President next month showing the Top Rated Ideas, so we have a month to Take Back the High Ground and be sure the Ideas we like are on top. We can easily do this, after all we are the majority. So now it is time to show them they awakened the sleeping giant. Please go to the site and see for yourself and PLEASE VOTE FOR (PROMOTE) any IDEAS you think are GOOD and (DEMOTE) any IDEAS you think are BAD.

Take a few minutes to VOTE NOW to turn the tables, take back our public lands to keep them open for our children.

Here is the list we provided of IDEAS to PROMOTE and DEMOTE. 

While yours truly, Chris Horgan, continues to be the Top Innovator that will mean nothing if the Ideas I have posted about keeping public lands open and promoting forest health through much needed active management remain at the bottom of the list. Those are the kind of IDEAS you, your family and friends need to VOTE for with a vengeance.

You can click on my Name under Top Innovator once you get onto their site and see a list of all the Ideas I have posted and easily vote for them.

Your votes are going to make a statement to the President to keep public lands open to all.

We need to keep the pressure on. VOTE NOW. Please ask your friends and family to vote.

It only takes a minute to register and VOTE. They require only your name, password and city.

If you have already Voted then Please VOTE for any new IDEAS you like.

Thomas Jefferson once said, “All tyranny needs to gain a foothold is for a people of good conscience to remain silent”. Many of us have remained silent, but that is changing…..

Thanks for speaking up

Chris Horgan and your friends at Save the Trails


Click on the link and VOTE for IDEAS about keeping
Your Public Lands Open for you and your children

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