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New Charge Alert Battery Status LED from Rigid Industries

MESA, AZ – September 11, 2009 – The latest release from Rigid Industries is here. A simple 5 minute install of 2 wires and one surface mount LED bulb lets you know the status of your charging system.
A simple yet ingenious way to monitor your vehicle Battery Status. Install two supplied wires(one to ground, one to switched power) on any 12v wire in your vehicle, mount the led bulb anywhere in your line of sight and monitor your battery and charging status on the fly.
Once you are hooked up monitor your LED bulb…..
LED flashing rapidly—Your system is overcharging(15-20v)
LED off—Your system is charging normally(12.25-15v)
LED flashing slowly—Your system is not being fully charged(11.75-12.25v)
LED on but not flashing—Your battery is severely undercharged(0-11.75v)
Battery Status(engine off, key on)—Monitors battery voltage
Rigid Industries was founded in 2001 to provide cutting edge off-road lighting products and accessories. As the manufacturer of the E-series LED light bars, the most efficient (93% efficient reflector) and brightest Lumen per watt we set the standard for LED lighting technology. In 2008 we completed the acquisition of Holder Offroad, Dirt Lights, Inc. and Plane Lights, Inc. to expand our product line to include high quality HID products. The addition of these 3 companies allow us to offer a complete line of powersports, military and off-road lighting.
Rigid Industries can be found on the web at:

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