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New 31″ and 33″ SS360 Tires now Available

System-3 SS360

YORBA LINDA, Calif. (July 22, 2021) – The System-3 SS360 has changed the way UTV drivers play in the sand. Today, System-3 Off-Road announces the most playful sand tire is available now in 31 and 33” sizes. The all-new SS360 31/15 will fit a wide variety of applications and the new 33/15 sizes are geared towards turbo UTVs. The new 33/15 HP tread measures 0.80 inches, that’s 25% deeper than the standard SS360. The depth of that unique tread allows UTVs to rip over the sand with ease. The 33/15 HP is a rear tire application recommended for those high-horsepower turbo UTVs looking for phenomenal sand traction.

System-3 SS360

System-3 SS360 Tire

Featuring a highly flexible two-ply carcass and unique tread, the SS360 line delivers handling precision like no other sand tire. The tread design provides an all-terrain feel on any UTV, with a performance style that carves corners seamlessly. It’s the most playful sand tire available for your UTV. The lightweight SS360 offers flotation second to none, and the tire’s low-rolling resistance helps reduce stress on the vehicle’s belt and driveline.

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