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SW2 and Dakar2 Features New Bolts, Inserts, and Pricing

LAWRENCE, Kan, October 6, 2010– The second generation HiPer utility and side by side wheels are now available, at a new lower price.  The newly styled, larger black and silver machined aluminum center is the most visible of a number of updates and changes.
Stronger steel bolts replace the aluminum bolts on the original Sidewinder and Dakar.  The bolts are stronger, and no longer require washers.  The inserts have also been improved with greater corrosion resistance and higher strength.
The black and silver center section is assembled from the outside of the wheel, allowing for a larger design and bigger visual impact.  The effect is that the 12 inch SW2 looks more like a 14 inch wheel, and the 14 inch Dakar2 looks more like a 15 inch wheel, without sacrificing performance, weight, or tire selection.
For most applications, a metal hubcap is integrated into the center and machined with the HiPer logo.
Like all HiPer products, the SW2 and Dakar2 are tested to Department of Transportation standards at an independent laboratory.  Both the SW2 and Dakar2 were so strong, they broke testing equipment that normally tests automotive and truck wheels with no damage to the HiPer carbon fiber and aluminum wheel.
With the SW2 and Dakar2, HiPer improved every aspect of the wheel.  The SW2 is still offered as a single beadlock, while the Dakar2 is offered as a dual beadlock, allowing for lower tire pressures for any condition.
Pricing for the SW2 is $275 and the Dakar2 is priced at $375.  Both products are available now at 877-GO-HIPER or 785-749-6011, and at your local HiPer dealer.  You can also find the most current news on HiPer’s Facebook page.
HiPer Technology, Inc specializes in carbon fiber and composite products utilizing a proprietary casting process.  HiPer is the industry leader in ATV wheels, Micro Sprint car wheels, and safety products.  HiPer Technology has grown to be a technology leader in materials, design, and product function since it’s founding in 2000.

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