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Metal FX Offroad Acquires Sand Sports SXS Tire company

Metal FX Offroad

Metal FX Offroad is pleased to announce its recent acquisition of all assets of the Sand Sports SXS Tire company, a leading sand tire in the tire industry, from Wheel Pros.

This past year, our company mission has been to become a leader in the UTV wheel and tire industry. Our acquisition of the Sand Sports SXS Tire company brings us one step closer to accomplishing that goal. We also have have brought Dave Kuskie to the Team. Dave has many years of knowledge in the tire and wheel industry and will help develop our future products. 

Sand Sports SxS Tires

Metal FX Motorsports has been involved in the wheel industry for 17 years with leading brands such as @schottwheels , @1221wheels and our newest brand, @metalfxoffroad . The acquisition of Sand Sports SXS Tire company will help boost the sales of our custom and cast UTV wheels. We will be offering the tires soon, with specific cuts depending on your performance needs.  We will have updated pricing released soon. 

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