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MCX-USA is proud to announce the availability of our Arctic Cat Wildcat Turbo Kit. Building on our experience and the proven performance of our Prowler Turbo Kit released in 2009, MCX-USA and MCXpress have achieved 150 crank horsepower from the Wildcat on premium pump gas, almost doubling the stock horsepower rating.

 Our new Wildcat Turbo Kit is bolt on and can be installed in 8-10 hours with standard shop tools (included low compression pistons are installed on the high boost version). Our new 5th Generation EFI fuel controller is part of the package, and the air to air intercooler provides the needed intake temperature drops that, in addition to the lowered compression, allow 11 PSI of boost pressure to run safely on premium pump gas.

Consumers looking for the best possible performance upgrade should look no further than an MCX-USA turbo kit, as dollar for dollar, no other upgrade can match the power of forced induction. MCX-USA and MCXpress are leaders in aftermarket turbo systems for the UTV and snowmobile markets, with over 25 years of experience.

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