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KC HiLiTES 2014 Holiday Giveaway


Invite your friends to get free products. It’s that easy.

Did you already make your Christmas list? Did it get eaten by your neighborhood pup and never make it to the North Pole? Never fear, KC HiLiTES has you covered and the odds are in your hands! (well, yours and your friends)

We have four tiers of prizes that you will be able to earn for yourself depending on how awesome all of your friends, family, followers and groupies are; because it’s up to them to click on your unique link (you will get this once you sign up) and sign-up.

Visit to start winning! Or if Facebook is your preferred method to enter, you can start here as well (this link will not work on mobile, please use link listed above):


1. Is cheating allowed to gain entries? No, our robots will catch you 🙂

2. Will I win all four tiers of prizes if I get the max amount of friends to sign up? Sorry Mr/Ms. Rockstar, you will only receive 1 prize; the highest tier that you earn up to.

3. How easy is it for me to win free KC HiLiTES products during this 2014 holiday giveaway? So easy! Simplest process you will go through all year! Will never get easier from here on out! Go to to sign-up, get your unique link and share with friends. As your friends sign-up you win stuff!

4. When will I receive my prizes? Within 2-4 weeks of the contest end date (giveaway ends on 12/31/14)

5. So it’s that easy, huh? Yep!

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