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Jeff Stambaugh Wins Again in WORCS Racing Rhino UTV 3 Class

Primm, NV (3/16/2010) – It was cold. It was dark. It was wet. Saturday at Buffalo Bill’s in Primm, Nevada had less than ideal racing weather in the afternoon and into the evening. As the sun went down the UTVs staged at their respective lines. A total of 19 UTVs made it out for WORCS round 2. As darkness loomed overhead it began to rain — not a gentle spring sprinkle, but a cold downpour. The spectators were less than thrilled and the track became a mess, but Jeff Stambaugh rallied hard and took 1st overall! Lines 1 & 2 left a minute apart. One minute after Class 2, Stambaugh left the line with the Class 3 UTVs. He caught the rest of Class 3 sleeping and grabbed a solid holeshot, went off the first jump and onto the truck track. This race was fast and rough. The truck track was high speed and the off road was whooped out, Stambaugh explains his advantage, “It was really a benefit to me to have the Rhino. Everyone wanted RZRs because they were lighter and faster, but they just can’t handle those deep whoops like my Rhino. My Lonestar works flawlessly in that stuff — the rougher the better!”
One lap in, he had managed to overtake most of class 2 and came back into the truck track looking strong and fast. By this time it was completely dark and the rain was still coming down, “Just like at home!” By lap 2, Stambaugh was a solid 3rd overall — he had taken the lead early and never looked back at Class 3, then overtook most of Class 2 in a matter of 2 laps and had his eyes set on the leaders. The two RZRs in out front were battling it out in the whooped off-road and Jeff managed to put his head down and charge on to catch up to them. He drove smart and tailed them both. He managed to get around one RZR in Class 1 and then the leader made a mistake that left the door wide open. Jeff passed the leader on the last lap seconds before they would enter the scoring chute. The former leader made a last ditch effort as they came off the pavement and headed toward the chute, but was unsuccessful. Jeff crossed the finish line 1st in class, and 1st overall.

Times do not get adjusted for the Rhino race, but he did leave 2 minutes after Class 1 and still managed a phenomenal finish coming from the last row to first battling machines with bigger engines (up to 1000cc in Class 1). “I couldn’t be happier with that finish, ” he stated right after the race, “I thought I finished 2nd overall, but then I was told the guy I saw in front of me was broken and that was his 1 and only lap
— I was really excited! I couldn’t believe it but, MAN! That’s awesome. I didn’t even care about being cold and wet after that!”
Jeff would like to thank the following- without them he would not have had such a good weekend: Lonestar Racing, Elka Suspension, Fullbore Innovations, Blitz Vision, SixSixOne, Weller Racing, S&S Motorsports, Patriot Racing, Kelley Blocks, & his girlfriend.

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