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IPLEX and Team Joyner USA Have Joined Forces

IPLEX and Team Joyner USA Have Joined Forces to Capitalize on the Strong Demand for Utility and Recreational Vehicles

Atlanta, GA – April 28, 2009 – IPLEX and Team Joyner USA have joined forces to leverage the core strengths of each company to better design, develop, market and sell a wide range of utility and recreational vehicles.
“Team Joyner has established high quality products and initial dealer distribution channels in a very short period of time,” stated Jason Gries, IPLEX Chairman and CEO. “We see a great opportunity to leverage our asset-lite supply chain and infrastructure to help accelerate the growth of Team Joyner.”
“Team Joyner is an entrepreneurial, growth focused company that is excited to be able to tap into IPLEX’s global sourcing infrastructure, automotive and supply chain expertise, and management best practices, to help our young company become an even stronger supplier of utility and specialty vehicles,” stated John Burns, Team Joyner USA founder and President. “IPLEX is already working aggressively with our team to ensure we have a strong supply chain and the necessary financial support to rapidly expand North America dealerships and take advantage of international opportunities.”
“Team Joyner is receiving very positive industry recognition with respect to the recent release of their Renegade and Trooper lines and we will be working closely with John Burns and his team to help enhance manufacturing, quality control, engineering and worldwide distribution through our IPLEX Source business,” stated Brian Robertson, President IPLEX Source and Brands. IPLEX and Team Joyner are actively developing business plans that scale existing products into commercial and consumer channels and introduce new adjacent products, such as accessories, riding gear, implements, attachments, and financial services.
Both Burns and Robertson stated: “Working together, we will strive to generate increased revenue and profits for IPLEX, Team Joyner and our dealers while positioning ourselves for strong growth in 2010 and beyond.”

For more information regarding IPLEX, please visit or call 1-877-739-1819.

For more information regarding Team Joyner USA, please visit or call 1-866-441-6363.

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