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HiPer Technology Opens 2010 Racer Support Program

HiPer Technology has opened its rider support program for the 2010 season.

HiPer is accepting electronic resumes through for racer support consideration.
With a long history of success, 2009 was another outstanding season for HiPer’s legendary carbon fiber wheels.This past season brought wins in the Baja 500, Pikes Peak, short course and cross countryside by side racing, utility racing, and of course Chris Borich’s breakthrough GNCC championship.

Are you ready to add your name to the list of past HiPer champions like Bill Ballance, John Natalie, and Traci Cecco?

The Tech 3, CF1R, 12” Sidewinder, and 14” Dakar are all open for sponsored rider use.For consideration, please send a resume to Additional information can be found on HiPer’s Facebook page.

HiPer Technology, Inc is a Kansas company specializing in carbon fiber and composite products utilizing a proprietary casting process.HiPer is the industry leader in ATV wheels, Micro Sprint car wheels, and safety products.HiPer Technology has grown to be a technology leader in materials, design, and product function since its founding in 2000. Additional information about HiPer can be found at

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