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High Lifter Products Announces Outlaw Dual Heat Treated (DHT) Axle

SHREVEPORT, LA — January, 2012 – High Lifter Products Inc., the leader in custom aftermarket ATV accessories and products, today announced the newest addition to its line of Outlaw products – the Outlaw Dual Heat Treat (DHT) CV Axle. The trademarked Outlaw name is reserved for High Lifter’s line of products which are superior in durability and performance as compared to other models of the same product – Outlaw tires for example.

Setting the Outlaw DHT Axle apart from stock and other after-market competitors is a combination of features including the dual heat treat technology, advanced metallurgy throughout, superior component parts, and high heat resistant, synthetic lubricants. The two most critical areas of an axle that can fail are the cage and housing. To combat this problem, those two areas are included in the dual heat treatment process producing an axle joint that is very tough, resistant to wear, and has an extended life.

In addition to the dual heat treatment process, the Outlaw DHT Axles feature puncture-resistant boots crafted from premium-grade Thermoplastic Polyester Elastomer (TPE). This state of the art material is far superior to rubber boots found in after-market competitors. It provides advanced protection from not only fatigue but early heat deformation it remains very puncture resistant and durable in high and low temperature conditions. The axle also features oversized CV joint housings, cage, and bar made from 4340 Chromoly steel, low-profile boot bands, and components filled with Mobil 1 synthetic grease to help maintain lower axle joint operating temperature in the presence of higher CV angles.

“Over the past 15 years, High Lifter has been a leader in providing reliable and much-needed after-market products for ATV and UTV owners,” said Scott Smith, owner of High Lifter Products. “The Outlaw DHT Axle provides riders with a super-tough axle at an affordable price point – something previously not offered to riders looking for after-market parts and accessories. As the most trusted name in after-market accessories, our customers can be assured that the Outlaw DHT Axle will be a fierce competitor for trail riders and mud riders alike.”

The all-new Outlaw DHT Axle is currently available for Polaris models with prices beginning at $279.99. Additional models for Can-Am, Kawasaki, and Yamaha will be released in the following months.
Product features include:

  • Dual heat treatments on the cages and housings to improve toughness against shock loads without compromising bearing surfaces and long term life.
  • Over-sized CV joint housings to increase strength
  • Housings, cages, and bars made from 4340 Chromoly steel.
  • Puncture-resistant boots which are durable in high and low temperature climates.
  • Low-profile boot bands less likely to be knocked off during riding.
  • Axle components filled with Mobil 1 synthetic grease, keeping axle joints cooler.

Riders want an axle that’s dependable AND affordable. Whether running stock tires and no lift or a lift and oversized tires, the Outlaw DHT Axle is new choice in heavy duty axles.

More Details: Outlaw Dual Heat Treated (DHT) Axle

About High Lifter Products:
High Lifter Products, Inc. has been developing and marketing unique, after-market accessories for utility, 4-wheel drive ATVs, UTVs, and RUVs since 1996. In this short time, the company has grown from a one-man, backyard hobby into a 35 employee, multi-million dollar corporation.

Business operations are carried out at our 28,000 square foot location in Shreveport, Louisiana. This building includes a retail showroom, a performance shop, executive offices, and is surrounded by 3 large warehouses. We also operate through our main website,, which is visited by millions of unique visitors per month, and includes a full product catalog, a chat room and forum, games, an online ATV magazine, and many, many more informative and entertaining features.

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