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Head to your local Polaris Dealer to Enter for 1 of 6 Ultimate Garage packages

Head to a dealer near you and get a code to enter for a chance to win 1 of 6 Ultimate Garage packages. Each package features a full-size vehicle (4 off-road vehicle and 2 snowmobile packages available), a youth model, a Polaris P1000i generator, a Polaris-branded toolbox, and a Polaris light – all for your Ultimate Garage. 

Each Ultimate Garage includes a Polaris full-size machine, youth model, Polaris P1000i Generator, Polaris-branded Toolbox and a Polaris light for your garage.

  • Ultimate Polaris Snowmobile Garage featuring a 800 PRO-RMK® 155
  • Ultimate Polaris Snowmobile Garage featuring a 800 RUSH® PRO-S
  • Ultimate Polaris RZR® Garage featuring a RZR® XP 1000 EPS
  • Ultimate Polaris RANGER® Garage featuring a RANGER XP® 900 EPS
  • Ultimate Polaris Sportsman® Garage featuring a Sportsman XP® 1000
  • Ultimate Polaris ACE™ Garage featuring a Polaris ACE™ 570 SP

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