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Flowmaster Hushpower silencers now available for Polaris RZR

Simple bolt on stainless steel component reduces ambient sound by as much as 70 percent with no significant loss of engine power loss.

Hushpower’s new ATV silencers for the Popular Polaris RZR were developed with hunters, military and trial riders in mind.

Installed as a simple bolt on to the factory muffler, they don’t reduce the engine power and amazingly reduce the exhaust sound level by 60-70%.

Designed for easy on and off installation, they can quickly be installed at home using simple hand tools.

The new Hushpower® silencers quiet exhaust noise using their unique and patented Wide Spectrum Sound Cancellation technology and feature our unique Cool Shell™ insulated design never becoming hot to the touch and endangering the rider or environment. Hushpower silencers are constructed using rugged 18-gauge T409 stainless steel for durability and corrosion resistance. They have been tested in the field and on Hushpower’s ATV dyno to perform as specified with no reduction in power. Like all Hushpower products they are manufactured in the USA and carry a three-year warranty. Two models are offered for the RZR, one for use with the optional Pre-Runner rear brushguard (PN 7503), and another that fits models without a rear brushguard (PN 7504).

To purchase or for more information about Hushpower’s new ATV silencers for Polaris RZR, go to or call our tech line at (800) 544-4761.

Hushpower silencer for the Polaris RZR

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