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Exciting Updates for 2014 King of the Hammers UTV Race

King of the Hammers

To improve the King of the Hammers UTV experience for 2014, Hammerking Productions has simplified the UTV classes, and moved the UTV to its own day. The race will be held on Wednesday February 5th, 2014. There will only be two classes: A Pro and an Amateur class. Pros will be racing for a purse and Sportsman will be racing for a trophy. Rules have been simplified for the class as well, and the new UTV rules can be found in the ULTRA4 Rulebook. A copy of the UTV rules are listed below.

Due to these changes for 2014, we are extending the early bird pricing for the UTV Class for a limited time. Drivers who have not yet signed up will still be able to pay the same pre-12/1 prices if they sign up ASAP.

King of the Hammers UTV Costs are as follows:

KOH UTV Sportsman: $300* w/ 2014 Series Commitment $400* w/o 2014 Series Commitment

KOH UTV Pro Class: $500* w/ 2014 Series Commitment $650* w/o 2014 Series Commitment

Drivers can click here to register

*Tech fees, IRC and USAC Insurance will be required to race.

6.6 UTV Class
6.6.1 A UTV is defined as a standard production based side by side 2 or more seat vehicle. 1000 CC or less motor with powersports based drivetrain. Any non-production based belt driven vehicles must be approved prior to racing.
6.6.2 UTV Safety – UTV’s to follow all Ultra4 Safety rules with the following exceptions Six Point aftermarket racing cage. Sportsman may use 4 point factory cage with aftermarket rear bracing creating a six point cage SFI Rated 5 point harnesses. Sportsman may use 4 point harnesses. Seats must have slots for harnesses and adequate headrest contact with a helmet on. Doors are required but not required to open Window nets or arm restraints required Factory plastic fuel cells allowed if used in factory mounting position
6.6.3 UTV Performance Engines must be of 1000cc or less powersports configuration. Overboring of motor is permitted

King of the Hammers Coverage:

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