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East Coast Off-road Racing Series This Weekend at The Flats in Marion, North Carolina

GREENVILLE, NC – March 9, 2011 – East Coast Offroad Racing Series (ECORS, announces its first race in the 2011 racing series to be held at The Flats in Marion, NC, on March 12, 2011.

ECORS is a traveling race series that will be hosting five races at various Off-Highway Vehicle (OHV) destinations in the Southeast in 2011. Each class of vehicle runs separate courses depending on difficulty and has a designated amount of time to complete a pre-determined amount of laps.

“Similar to the King of the Hammers and the BAJA 1000, ECORS is the Southeast’s answer to the newest trend in 4×4 offroad racing,” said Rob Klinger, co-founder of ECORS. “During each race we set up each course to allow as much action for spectators and racers.”

This year ECORS will be adding the U Class to the 2011 offroad racing series which opens the door for UTV/side-by-side vehicles.

Race Series Classes
Class A – “stock” type 4×4 vehicles such as Jeeps, trucks and other SUVs.
Class B – “modified” 4×4 vehicles derived from production vehicles that have been heavily modified to trail and race performance.
Class C – “unlimited” class where nearly any modification is acceptable. Typical vehicles in Class C consist of custom built 4×4 buggies or extremely modified production vehicles.
Class U – UTV/side-by-side vehicles.
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