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DragonFire’s Sneak Peak at Customizing the Can-Am Commander

The long-anticipated Can-Am Commander hasn’t even been released to dealerships yet and already DragonFire Racing is developing dozens of new products and accessories for this innovative UTV that has the entire industry craning its collective neck for a peek.
In fact, we’re one of the few companies to get one of these sensational side-by-sides, and we’ve been hard at work coming up with new products for this vehicle for a while now. This gives us ample time to test and design all of the new Can-Am Commander products before the public gets their hands on it. And we have to admit — we’re having a blast!

The 2011 Can-Am Commander lineup, with five models and two engine options, follows through on its promise to bring cutting-edge design, innovation and a focus on convenience, value and usability. This thing is 39 percent more fuel efficient than its class competitor, has more cockpit storage than any other side-by-side, and boasts one of the most powerful engines in the UTV industry.

But somebody’s got to add all the fancy aftermarket equipment, accessories and bells and whistles, and that somebody might as well be us — DragonFire Racing. We have existing DFR products that can be installed on the new Can-Am, as well as a garage full of new products for Can-Am that are immediately available. And by immediately available, we mean you can get them right now.
Our 14-inch Baja Crippler wheels — the strongest beadlock wheel available — feature a reinforced inner ring, an area that has proven to be the highest failure in racing wheels. You can see the 14-inch Baja Crippler wheels here.
In addition, our existing DragonFire racing restraints are ready for installation on the new Can-Ams, featuring safety and comfort and our unique H-style that lets you run the belts around the headrest while staying on your shoulders. To see this product, visit this link.

Other products that we’ve developed in the past month that are specially made for the Can-Am Commander lineup include:

  • HID front lights
  • LED rear lights
  • Three-bulb dome light
  • High-back racing seats
  • Passenger seat mount
  • Seatbelt bar
  • Seatbelt “Limp Mode” override that replaces OE belts with race-inspired restraints (required in order to have any aftermarket seatbelt work with the Commander’s electronic system; without it the vehicle will not exceed 10 mph)

Each of the above items is ready to ship today!

DragonFire mechanics hard at work dissecting the new Can-Am Commander

DragonFire mechanics hard at work dissecting the new Can-Am Commander

In September, we’ve got another dozen new products for the Can-Am. These DFR products include:

  • Slip-on and mid-pipe back exhausts
  • Fuel-only ECU
  • Quick release steering wheel
  • White lighting LEDs
  • Seat covers
  • Long-travel suspension
  • Full cage kit w/ optional spare tire or cooler
  • Bed delete option
  • Sun top factory cage
  • Rear cargo ice chest
  • Fender flares

Stay tuned to this blog and to see these new Can-Am Commander products as they come off the drawing boards and into full development.

About DragonFire Racing:
DragonFire Racing, based in Mesa, Arizona, is the leading manufacturer and supplier of aftermarket racing, performance, and utility parts for ATVs and UTVs.  DragonFire Racing products are available at dealerships worldwide.  For more information, visit

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