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DragonFire Racing Introduces new +4″ Suspension for the Polaris RZR 170

Polaris RZR 170

DragonFire Racing has come out with a complete line of Polaris RZR 170 accessories that take the mini RZR to the next level. Suspension kits with Fox FLOAT AirShox, Wider Rear Axles, Cages, Seats, Seat Belts and Exhaust are now all part of the DragonFire RZR 170 Line up.

With a full line-up of performance, safety and suspension components, you can now make your child’s RZR 170 look like your RZR S.

Polaris RZR 170 Front Suspension Kit
Price: $2,100
The all new DragonFire Polaris RZR 170 + 4″ Front Suspension Kit comes with frame gusset kit, brake lines, tungsten inert gas (TIG) welded arms, and Fox FLOAT AirShox. This is the ultimate kit for you child’s RZR 170.

Make them feel like a pro by putting this amazing suspension kit on their ride.

Polaris Ranger RZR 170 Rear Suspension

Kit Price: $2,100
Our new Polaris Ranger RZR 170 Rear Suspension Kit features RZR 170 Rear Axles with Fox FLOAT AirShox, along with an axle that is 8 inches wider than stock. Our 300M axle utilizes all your existing factory components, and complements our +4 front suspension. No wheel spacers to break or bend a stock axle. Experience increased travel with new race-proven Fox FLOAT AirShox with rebound adjustment.

Polaris RZR 170

Why Air Shocks?

Fox Racing FLOAT® AirShox offer adjustable spring rates and also save weight since they don’t have a coil spring. With the FOX HP pump, the spring rate is easily adjusted for your riding type and vehicle weight by simply changing the air pressure. These shocks let you not only adjust to your child’s ability levels, but also how the shocks work in different terrain (e.g. sand dunes vs. forest trails).

Fox FLOAT AirShox

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