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Dirt Performance Releases Polaris Ranger RZR 4 Skid Plates

HELENWOOD, TN – April 6th, 2010 Dirt Performance, Inc. is proud to announce the release of their Polaris RZR 4 Skid Plate System. Dirt Performance’s skid plates are the best money can buy:

• Entire RZR Skid Plate Package is constructed of 3/16″ thick aluminum
• Recessed Bolt Holes = No Factory Washers to Bend, Break, or Cover the Bolt Heads
• Strategically Placed Mud/Water Drain Holes = Slides over Obstacles Easier
• No Abrupt Edges = Less to Hang Up On When Sliding Over Obstacles
• 100% Bolt On Installation
• Integrated Tree Slider = Reduces Rear Quarter Panel Body Damage
• Integrated Side Step = Eases Entry for Rear Passengers
You will not find a higher quality, better designed, or more protective skid plate system for the RZR 4, period.
First, instead of placing tons of drain holes throughout the entire skid plate system, they’ve placed 4 holes right in front of the frame crossmembers. After extensive testing in the mud and washing it off, this is where all the mud accumulates so this is where the drain holes work best. When you look at competing skid plate systems, you’ll notice holes all over the place which ends up scooping up even more mud instead of letting it drain out.
Secondly, have you ever tried removing your stock skid plate and found the stock washers have folded over the heads of the bolts making it challenging to remove the skid plate? Dirt Performance has solved this problem with recessed bolt holes that require no washers.
Third, there are a few places on the RZR 4 frame that if caught on a rock would stop the vehicle abruptly and possibly bend the frame. DPI has solved these problems by created a smooth surface from front to back and side to side.
Fourth, if you’ve ever ridden tight woods trails, you’ve probably rubbed the roll cage or even scraped the rear quarter panel of your RZR on a tree trying to make a tight off-camber turn. With the built in tree slider, you’ll find you’re no longer rubbing trees and your body and paint will continue to look great.
Fifth, because you’re likely to have your kids or even adults in the back seats, the integrated tree slider doubles as a nice step for getting in and out of the rear seats.
About Dirt Performance, Inc.
Not only does DPI manufacturer skid plates, they make a-arm guards, storage boxes, tire carriers, roofs, exhaust muffler tips, gun racks, front and rear bumpers, exo-cages, doors, cup holders, kick panel rock guards, windshields, and roll cages. All parts are precision manufactured, so your install is 100% bolt-on and easy to revert back to stock if needed. If you’re a dealer looking to carry some of the toughest, best designed products in the UTV Industry for all models, please contact us at

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