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Custom bead lock rings from MotoSport Alloys

MotoSport Alloys, riding on the performance success of the race proven M16 Vice Bead Lock wheel, has now opened the styling up to enthusiasts across the globe – you tell MotoSport Alloys what color you want your rings and they will custom powder coat them for you for a few extra bucks. Each ring comes stock in durable and strong hand polished billet, however if you want to add that extra custom look while providing even more strength (powder coating is much stronger and more durable than a painted finish), go to and start customizing now.

The Vice is available in the following sizes:
14×7” with a +10mm offset.

4×110 | 4×137 | 4×156

Run one of the finest built, unique styles in the industry, run MotoSport Alloys.

The Vice and the rest of the MSA collection is online at

For the dealer nearest you call toll free (800)734-4890.

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