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We’ve heard the story countless times. An enthusiast with an idea for a product started manufacturing it in his garage and the rest is history. Same old story with a different name and a different product. Such was the case for SuperATV though few companies seem to have experienced the same explosive growth over the years as the parts and accessories manufacturer from Indiana. As they get ready to move into their new 220,000 square foot facility, we thought we’d take a second and peek behind the curtain of this growing enterprise.

Lindsay Hunt from SuperATV at the UTV World Championship

Back in 2003, Harold Hunt had an idea for a lift kit for the Polaris Sportsman ATV that he began manufacturing and selling out of his garage in Madison Indiana. From that single lift kit, Hunt expanded his product line to include lifts for other vehicles, axles suspension components and much much more. Fast forward more than a decade and SuperATV is among the leading suppliers of aftermarket parts and accessories to the ATV and UTV industry.

SuperATV at 2015 Rally on the Rocks

Unlike so many of the big online retailers who carry thousands of products from a myriad of different suppliers, SuperATV sells only its own product. This affords them a unique control over development as well as pricing and distribution. “We used to sell only consumer direct but have since built up a substantial dealer network that customers can purchase product through” said Lindsay Hunt, VP of sales and marketing for SuperATV.

SuperATV Headquarters

Now, with a catalog of over 1700 sku’s, SuperATV offers virtually any bolt on product you can imagine from LED light bars to roofs, windshields, ECUs and long travel suspension. One of their signature products is the Gear Driven Performance portal gear lift which not only lifts your vehicle but provides a 30% gear reduction to the wheel. This is perfect for those mud enthusiasts looking for a really low gear to pull them through the muck and also gives you some of that horsepower back if you add significantly larger tires.

SuperATV’s New Facility

“The new facility will put us in a much better position to do more production and manufacturing in house,” said Hunt. “We’re limited on space and power for that currently but we’ve already purchased a great deal of new equipment for the building.” Some of the new equipment includes a CNC laser, Faro Arm, dynamic and torsional axle testing equipment, heat treating equipment and more. They even plan to bring their powder coating business in house as well. “We just purchased automotive level FEA simulation software to really evaluate the strength of our products” said Hunt.

Tyler Greves
Tyler Greves at 2016 King of the Hammers

If you thought you’ve been seeing the SuperATV brand popping up a lot more frequently, you would be correct. The brand made a big push to begin sponsoring several racers during the 2015 season including Mitch Guthrie Jr and Sr as well as women’s pro UTV racer Katie Vernola. Moving into 2016, they decided to ramp things up by putting together their own race team and attending several major off-road events including the UTV World Championships and King of the Hammers. Tyler Greves serves as the factory SuperATV pro driver and he’s been getting a heavy dose of the southwest desert racing scene over the last few months.

Whether you’re a mud enthusiast, a racer or a weekend warrior, be sure to checkout for a host of parts and accessories for all of the top ATV and UTV models.

Tyler Greves at the UTV World Championships

SuperATV Depth Finder
SuperATV Depth Finder

Destination Polaris

SuperATV Rhino Axle Tech

Polaris RZR Heavy Duty Ball Joint Replacement – SuperATV

Product Highlights:

Polaris GENERALAccessories
Polaris GENERAL Accessories

SuperATV HD Ball Joints
Heavy Duty Ball Joints

SuperATV Portal Gear Lift
Portal Gear Lift

SuperATV HD Reverse Chain
Heavy Duty Reverse Chain

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Madison, IN 47250

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